5 Steps to Quickly Connect IoT Products

If your business needs to track the performance and location of your products in the field, cellular connectivity provides easy, reliable data transmission.

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things has cast a lot of mystery over how devices can communicate to a central hub. Fact is, with an innovative development kit, an M2M SIM card and a secure, powerful cellular network, getting your product connected to the IoT is fast and easy. Here are some quick steps to get your things on the Internet.1. Buy the Hardware


Our online store makes it easy to order the dev kits, SIM Cards and other accessories you’ll need like:● Batteries● Sensors● Antennas● Shields● Asset TrackersIf you aren’t sure what you need to buy, our team are on stand‐by to help you gear up. We’ll ship it to you soon as we can.2. Select Your Cellular Data Plan

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Estimate the amount of data you’ll be collecting from each device on a monthly basis. Based on the country where you, and your IoT connected devices are located, data prices vary. If your products are normally used outside, where WiFi networks may be limited, cellular connectivity provides an affordable and reliable platform for M2M data collection.3. Assemble your Hardware

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Once you receive your Hologram gear, slip the SIM card into your Dash or Dash Pro dev kit. Snap on the antenna, and either the solar shield or battery. If you’ve ever assembled your own hardware, you will appreciate how easy it is to get the Dash unit ready to rock and roll. Activate your hardware according to the instructions in the guide.4. Log into the Hologram Cloud

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Once your product is connected to the Hologram Cloud you can see the data which is coming from your real world device. The Hologram REST API provides you with the flexibility to interface seamlessly with 3rd party integrations, like Slack, with easy to use web hooks. Collecting product operation status and performance data doesn’t need to be complex. Hologram empowers companies to quickly connect a SIM‐powered sensor device to a product, and within seconds, they can start collecting and processing data in the business applications of their choosing. Do you have plans to leverage the Internet of Things and need affordable and transparent pricing for cellular connectivity?

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