How-to-power-the-dash 2
with and without battery

We get a lot of wonderful questions about the Konekt Dash, but the biggest question is justifiably about how to power the device. We designed the entire Dash to be easy and the battery is no exception. Stand alone (No Battery) If you have a stand-alone application that never needs a battery, simply move the jumper on the PCB to Position 1. Make sure you use a 2A High-Current Micro USB charger, otherwise power to the modem will dip and you may lose data. Stand alone (Battery) If you have a stand-alone application and you want to run the device from a battery, simply move the jumper to Position 2. When you are charging the device, you need only use a 500 mA Micro USB Cable.

with user pins

Powering connected to another circuit through the user pins. There are two user pins that are electrically identical to the VBATT connector and the VUSB connector. You can power the Dash the same as if you were plugging in directly. You can use Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries

You choose!

The dash can charge and use the energy from either Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer. Whichever you choose. Or neither if you don't feel like using battery. We can't wait to see what you design, whether it's using one type of battery, plugged into the wall constantly, or connected via solar!

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