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Today, I'm pleased to present Hologram's improved plans and pricing. We're already known for our simple pricing structure and now we've made it even easier by eliminating pricing zones and breaking our services into three editions: Maker, Professional, and Enterprise. The Professional Edition is built to scale. It includes platform features to help businesses connect and grow around the world. On the other end, the new Maker Edition distills our core network features making them available in a frictionless experience no matter how small. While Enterprise offers a white-glove experience allowing customers to tailor nearly every aspect to their requirements. All plans provide global coverage to our entire enterprise-grade network of over 390 carriers in 170 countries. And when I say “entire network” it means we eliminated pricing zones 🙌!  For existing users, your devices are automatically grandfathered to their legacy plans.

We Could Do Even Better

We began our cellular offering in 2013 with the premise that using cellular in an IoT solution should not be a painful experience. We went on to create the standard in Cellular IoT (CIoT) - easy access to SIMs, simple low pricing, global coverage, self-serve dashboard and no minimum orders. Every day new customers join the platform for the same reason, we make cellular IoT simple. No hoops to jump through to gain access, no hidden fees, no contracts, no complexity. But inevitably questions do come up about our plans, coverage, and support.  From these conversations, we gained an understanding that we could do even more to simplify CIoT. Specifically, our customers and prospects shared common thematic challenges around IoT connectivity:

  1. Choosing the best plan: How do I compare Hologram to others? There were confusion and complexity around different CIoT providers, their connectivity plans, coverage, rates, and billing.
  2. Future proofing built-in: Will your network evolve with new Cellular technology? Industry-wide there was a need for clarity around 4G CAT-M1, 4G NB-IoT, 3G and 2G availability, support, and coverage.
  3. Ensuring things are working: How do I know all my devices are connected? Managing and troubleshooting devices in the field or when first connecting to a global cellular network was critical.
  4. Scaling should just work: Can I expect consistent service as my product scales to 1k, 10k, 100k+ devices? In a competitive CIoT landscape our platform needs to scale vertically and horizontally with service, pricing, and support.

From there, we worked internally to retool how we offer connectivity services to our customers, integrating deeper with our global carrier partners to address these opportunities.  Our new Maker, Professional, and Enterprise Edition CIoT connectivity plans are the results. Let's dive into some of the exciting details.

Bold New World: Maker, Professional, and Enterprise Editions

We continually heard customers share how surprised they were to learn all the nuances of our industry. To them they just wanted one provider to give them full access in a simple to understand package. The conversations usually included a story about how they discovered a significantly limiting 'gotcha' from another provider only after they decided to scale or upgrade technology. From these insights, we decided all our plans needed to include a number of foundational features. Features exclusive to Hologram.

  • Start Risk-Free: Regardless of the edition you can prototype risk-free. You'll never be charged for the first SIM under a plan and we'll also include 1MB of free monthly data indefinitely.
  • One SIM for everything: Whether you use a standard SIM card or an eSIM, all Hologram SIMs are provisioned to work globally and compatible with every cellular generation (2G, 3G, 4G, M1, NB-IoT) from the beginning. See our recent blog post on hardware comptabilility.
  • Truly global: We've done away with carrier zones. Now every device has access to one global coverage map spanning over 390 carriers.
  • Consistent pricing: There will never be an unexpected line item. Billing is simple (devices + data + SMS = bill). Our data is billed in kB increments.  
  • Future proof: As new carriers are added to our network and new technology such as 5G come available your existing Hologram SIM will automatically gain access. No need to buy a “special SIM”.

Some of these features are expanded from our previous plans and others are new. But one thing is consistent, whichever plan edition you pick these core features will always be included.

Hologram Maker Edition

Developers are the foundation of our customer base and making sure we support this group has always been built into Hologram's fabric. The Maker Edition is purpose-built for personal CIoT and small-scale projects. Each device has access to our global enterprise-grade network at a discounted price of $0.60 per month with data billed in kB increments at $0.40/MB.You may be asking, what happened to our free DevPlan? The simple answer, we expanded it! Last year we deployed a program called the DevPlan where we offered developers a free SIM and 1MB of data each month. No strings attached. With the success of that program, we decided to make it a foundational part of all our cellular editions. Thank you to all the developers who joined the original program and making it a massive success.

Hologram Professional Edition

Small to medium size businesses and advanced users are a significant part of our customer base. For this group we wanted to reimagine our offering, adding advanced features at no additional cost. From this motivation came the new Professional Plan. The plan contains many new features, below are some of our favorites:

  • Real-Time Device and Location Status: View where a device is actively connected to the internet on Hologram's network without any additional data charges. Plus, see details about your device and data usage the minute a data session opens.
  • Auto Scaling Volume Discounts: Forecast and save as you ramp up your IoT deployments with discounts that are automatically applied starting at 100 devices. Data starts at $0.40/MB and decreases as your volume increases.
  • Shared Data Pools: Monthly pools of data shared across all devices in your organization anywhere on our network from Bosnia to Bolivia.

Hologram Enterprise Edition

Organizations that require custom connectivity, coverage, billing, and support can now work with our sales team to develop a plan tailored to their global needs, we call this The Pilot Program. This program provides customers planning a large deployment access to our enterprise team. With dedicated Hologram support, test any number of devices to gain the confidence you’ll need when it comes time to scale. Whether it's enterprise needs such as eSIM eUICC, private APN networking, test mode data or technical advising on hardware compatibility, our enterprise team is ready to support.

  • Analyze data requirements to maximize cost structure at every stage.
  • Flexibility to craft multiple custom plans for data diverse organizations.
  • Personalized 24/7 support with dedicated account managers.

As of today, all editions are generally available for connecting your IoT devices. To get started, each edition includes the first device free (formerly our Developer Plan) with 1MB of data every month. By simplifying our Hologram IoT cellular plans, we'll be able to focus building out new features on our platform that help our customers connect simpler and scale faster.We can't wait to see what new devices you build with us on the Hologram network.  We're eager to hear your thoughts on our new editions and are always looking for ways to provide you with what you need.

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