Konekt Pitches M2M Cellular Dev Kit at MuckerCon 2015

Konekt Pitches M2M Cellular Dev Kit at MuckerCon 2015
Ben Forgan
May 28, 2015

A little over a week ago, Ben Forgan, our CEO stood on stage in front of a large crowd of entrepreneurs and investors at Mucker Capital's annual MuckerCon in Los Angeles, California. His task was to give a pitch to the largely West Coast-centric group covering the current status of Konekt, the success of our recent Konekt Dash Cellular Dev Kit Kickstarter (http://konekt.io/blog/konekt-dash-kickstarter-funded/) and our team's projections for growth in the coming months. We were happy to represent the windy city as the only Chicago startup at MuckerCon 2015 (not to mention the only 'Internet of Things' (IoT) focused startup)!CEO's and Founders from eight different up-and-coming startups (listed below) took the stage to give their pitches that day. They also engaged in panel discussions on a range of topics including the latest and greatest in online video, the future of FinTech, SaaS and creating niche online marketplaces. There was a ton of great conversing and back sweat enjoyed by all during the beautiful outdoor event.

Why Konekt Pitched At MuckerCon 2015

Ben applied to MuckerLab (http://www.muckercapital.com/muckerlab/about/), the "operation and acceleration arm of Mucker Capital" in 2013, when he began his quest to provide cellular connectivity for 'The Internet of Things' to the masses. Along with help and advisory through acceleration, Konekt also received funding from Mucker Capital and NextView Ventures in 2015. MuckerLab was ranked second in TechCrunch's 2015 list of the top 20 US accelerators (http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/17/these-are-the-top-20-us-accelerators/).Pitching at MuckerCon gave us a chance to do two things:

  1. Show off the success and growth of our team since its affiliation with Mucker began.
  2. Network and interface with possible investors and stakeholders as we begin looking to raise a Series A.

Watch Ben's MuckerCon Pitch

Though we can't offer you a professionally recorded look at Ben's MuckerCon pitch, we can offer you a low quality version taken with an iPhone with a chipped lens! In all seriousness, the audio is where it's at here so please feel free to check it out!

Here's A List Of The Other Startups That Pitched

We were joined by a ton of amazing startups and entrepreneurs at MuckerCon. Make sure to check them out!

Mixcord (http://www.mixcord.co/): A discovery platform designed to help you uncover apps content creators are using.

Memorang (https://www.memorangapp.com/): Simple, smarter learning tools for students in higher education that go beyond just flashcards.

Fluid (http://www.choosefluid.com/): Get paid on-demand and optimize your cash-flow with the platform designed for independent contractors and agencies.

Honey (http://www.joinhoney.com/): An ecommerce plugin that allows you to apply all available coupon codes automatically.

JewelScent (http://www.jewelscent.com/): Fragrance and beauty products like candles, soaps and aroma beads.

Kixie (https://www.kixie.com/): Modern telephony for smart sales teams.

ID/IP (http://www.identityoverip.com/): Enforce corporate security policy in real time with analytics-driven security

Interested in Mucker Capital? Learn more or apply to MuckerLab on their website (http://www.muckercapital.com/). You can also ask us about our experience with Mucker by sending us a message on our contact page (http://konekt.io/contact-us/).

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