Two weeks ago we announced Hologram's global Developer Plan, a free plan giving developers worldwide access to our software-defined cellular network and cloud services. Since that announcement, we’ve been blown away by the response. In the first week alone, thousands of developers from more than 60 countries joined the Developer Plan!Being part of the Developer Relations team here at Hologram, the success of this product launch has been extremely special to me. Knowing that Hologram's IoT cell network is one of the strongest, it's been a goal to provide every IoT developer with one of our SIMs for their toolbox. Now that goal is becoming a reality as new developers sign up each day.Hologram's Developer Plan (including a free SIM + 1MB/month) is here to stay for the long run. Unfortunately, our launch promo providing free global shipping has run out. We’ll continue to seek the most affordable and reliable shipping methods, as of now shipping will be $5/U.S. $7.50/international.

There is No ‘I’ in Team

We owe the success of the Developer Plan launch to all those who help us share the news. Without you, I do not think we would have seen anywhere near the growth we did. I want to thank everyone on Twitter, all the news outlets, and fellow IoT start-ups who shared the launch announcement.I want to thank a few outstanding marketing partners and their communities who went above and beyond.


Mike Szczys from Hackaday wrote a great piece announcing our LTE coverage and Developer Plan to their community. Check out the article and 60+ comments: Hologram Offers Developers Free Cell Data.Also, make sure to check out Hackaday's Super Conference coming up this November. It is one of the top conferences I look forward to.

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The team at Losant have always been great to work with. We have two integrations with Losant, one for sending state to their device manager and the other a webhook into their workflow engine.Losant was a great DevPlan partner, helping spread the word to their community through social and email. Brandon Cannaday also wrote an awesome article announcing the launch and new integration. You can read the article on the Losant Blog: Hologram IoT Cellular Platform Launches Free Developer Plan and New Losant Integration

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Ubidots is a great IoT platform helping companies turn device data into actionable insights. Ubidots will soon join our family of cloud integrations, so keep an eye out!Even with our integration still pending release, Cameron and Maria from Ubidots both put together a great article and tutorial helping us launch the Developer Plan. Check out Maria's tutorial showing how to connect an Adafruit FONA breakout to Hologram then routed to Ubidots: Hologram and Ubidots Cloud-to-Cloud Integration. Read Cameron's post about our brands teaming up here: You can now build your own LTE-connected IoT project — completely free.We could not be more excited about the launch of the Developer Plan. The whole team is stoked to see what you’ll build!

Interested in getting started? Check out our Developer Plan and enjoy a free developer SIM and 1MB per month.

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