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A key part of connecting IoT devices to a cellular IoT network of over 196 countries is actually shipping our Hologram global IoT SIMs and Novas to those countries. To date, we've shipped to over 100 countries through our platform and we’re constantly working to improve our own distribution out of the US.  However, we definitely understand that shipping costs and vendor logistics have caused challenges for some of our customers' supply chains. That's why we're excited to announce new options for sourcing Hologram connectivity globally: Distribution Partners and Free Shipping Options

Distribution Partners

We’re excited to work with Digikey, Amazon, Sparkfun, and Mouser as they extend the reach of Hologram and frankly, can deliver it at a much more cost effective value to customers. Digikey and Mouser will also enable customers building their own hardware to consolidate purchasing for their BOM and hardware builds from a single vendor.

Free Shipping on 10 and 100 IoT SIM Packs

As of earlier this month, we offer free domestic and international shipping on 10 and 100 packs of SIMs

Hope that the options above are helpful this holiday season and in the new year to help you grow and scale your IoT connectivity with Hologram.

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