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Before we get started on how to use your own microcontroller with the Konekt Dash, we wanted to plug the processor we designed in. We picked a Kinetis Freescale Cortex M4 (Yup! M4!) with 1MB flash (MK22FN1M0VLH12). We've ported over Arduino so making programs talk to cellular is as simple as using Serial.Print(). We think this processor is more than capable of solving your cellular project.That being said, there are a lot of reasons why you would want to use your own microcontroller with the Dash. Maybe you've been using Pic for over a decade and you know the processor backwards and forward. Maybe you're a start-up who has extensive IP designed into an Atmel part. Maybe you've been playing around with other IoT platforms and you've gotten something awesome designed on an ST Micro part and you know you want to port over to the Konekt SIM because of the great deal on data. You could be really fancy and have a real-time solution using a microprocessor or an FPGA that just needs to report or receive commands remotely. Maybe you have a computer that's behind a firewall or isn't in an area that has WIFI and you need small amounts of data.Regardless of the reason, using your own device with the Dash is cakewalk. We have Arduino sketches that run serial passthrough. Simply connect the RX/TX lines and send the same serial messages to the Dash that you would if you were writing a program directly on the device. Our processor handles all the communication with the tower and all the backend cloud communication so you can get back to your project and get back to making cool stuff.

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