Back of the Hologram global IoT SIM card

We're more than a cellular plan. We're your partner.

Don't let your devices get left in the dark by relying on just one carrier. When devices enter dead zones or show poor performance, we automatically switch your device to another network — avoiding loss in connectivity.

Your devices always get the best possible coverage and service because we seamlessly combine multiple carriers in each country.

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across six continents

Seamless, global coverage

Coverage available in 196 countries worldwide with 550 carriers to rely on. Our SIMs automatically switch to the best available network in each country.
An illustration of two sim cards and a 5G tower
An illustration of two sim cards and a 5G tower

Security and reliability

Your data is secure, from your device to your servers. Only you can access it. Use Spacebridge to securely connect to your devices for remote troubleshooting.

Automatic carrier switching

Hologram SIMs automatically switch between local carriers to ensure you have top performance and never lose service.
An illustration of two sim cards and a 5G tower
An illustration of two sim cards and a 5G tower

One global SIM card

Connect to every network in every country using a one hardware-agnostic SIM card or eSIM eUICC chip.

Scaling connectivity has never been so easy.

The simplest way to get your IoT deployment connected worldwide.

Self-Service Scalability

Order as many SIM cards as you need through our self-service store and manage connectivity on our dashboard, from one for testing to thousands for manufacturing.

Tech & Platform

Our single SIM card works in every available country and with all of our partner carriers. Connect across every technology, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, CAT-M, and NB-IoT.

Flexibility, not lock-in

We offer clear pricing and rates that adapt as you scale up. No contracts, agreements, or quotas to fill.

Plans designed to get you off the ground