What is the breakdown of data charges per SIM?

The table below breaks down the different types of standard data charges:

Component Amount Description Timing
Monthly SIM Upkeep $1.50 Active SIM fee to reserve space for SIM on the network
PAYG: Separate from data charge
Monthly Plan: Included
End of billing period
Data Usage (billed per kb) Varies by Plan PAYG: Costs to send data on our network from your messages and required overhead
Monthly plans: Monthly cost of set bulk data plan
PAYG: Every few minutes with a minimum incremental charge of $0.25. In the last 30m of billing cycle, interval changes from 15m to every 1m.
Monthly plans: End of billing period. Overage charges billed same way as PAYG described above
SMS (device-originated outbound) Varies by Plan Device-originated outbound SMS messages. Inbound SMS and via our Cloud API are free. Time message is sent

How do I access my billing account history?

We’ll send you an email receipt each time we charge your credit card due to an Automatic Top Off or a manual payment.

You can also view an in depth history of your billing information by from the Hologram Dashboard under Account > Billing.

How do I manually add a balance to my account?

To manually add a balance to your Hologram account, follow the steps below.

Log into the Hologram Dashboard and go to the Billing settings page. Click the "Add balance" button and enter the desired dollar amount you wish to add. Click "Add Balance."

How do I add a promo balance to my account?

If you've received a Hologram promotional code, you can enter it on the dashboard's Billing settings page. Click the Apply promo codebutton and enter the code in the popup. After submitting you should see the amount added to your account's promo balance.

What is Automatic Refill and how does it work?

Hologram’s Automatic Refill feature allows users automatically charge a credit card on file whenever the account balance gets below an amount designated by the user. Though it's not required, we strongly recommend enabling this feature to avoid service interruption.

How do I enable/disable Automatic Refill?

Change auto-refill settings from the Billing settings page in the dashboard. See the Billing guide for details.

What happens if I have some money, but not enough, in my account?

If you have a positive account balance, but it's not enough to pay for your monthly plan or a data charge, we will still renew the SIM for you to prevent a service interruption. This will result in a negative balance, so the next SIM that gets charged may get suspended if you don't add money to your account or enable auto-refill.

What happens if I don't have money in my account?

If your account balance is zero and you have a SIM that is due for renewal or you have an overage charge, we will pause the SIM and send you an email alert informing you of what happened. We will still charge your account for monthly plans, which may bring your account into a negative balance.

As soon as you add enough money to your account to get back into a positive balance, then your SIM will return to the live state.

If your account balance remains at zero for a whole month, your SIM may be deactivated.

We recommend enabling Automatic Refill to avoid any unnecessary service interruptions.

Is there an alert/warning when my account balance is low to prevent my SIM from being paused?

Yes, 24 hours before a SIM is due to renew, you will start receiving email alerts informing you if your user balance is not high enough to pay for the cost of the SIM.

If you go over your data plan and owe money for overage without having a balance in your account, we may pause your SIM without warning. To prevent this from happening, we suggest keeping a balance in your account and/or signing up for Automatic Refill

When am I billed for a SIM?

We charge your account on the date your SIM expires.

If you have money in your account, then we will renew your SIM for another 30 days. The SIM's expiration date then updates to reflect the renewal.

We also charge your user balance if you go over your monthly data allotment or if you are on a Pay-As-You-Go plan. We calculate and apply this charge every 15 minutes. If you didn't build up at least 25 cents worth of data in the past 15 minutes, we carry over the charge to the next 15 minute period until the charge totals at least 25 cents. In the half hour before SIM expiration, we bill usage data in 1 cent increments.

When will Hologram charge my credit card?

Hologram will only charge your credit card when a balance is added to your account. There are two ways to add a balance to your account: Manually adding to your account balance, or via Automatic Refill.

How do I un-pause a SIM due to my account balance going to zero?

Adding money to your account will automatically unpause the SIM, but there may be a short delay before the SIM displays as live again.

Can I reactivate a de-activated SIM?

SIM deactivation is permanent, so you will need to buy a new SIM to replace it. SIM deactivations are permanent because our cellular carrier partners disable the SIM number on their side as well. If you think you would like to reuse the SIM again, we recommend pausing on a pay-as-you-go plan instead of deactivating it permanently. SIMs paused on pay-as-you-go will still incur active device MRC to keep the SIM active on the network.

I am no longer using data on a SIM. Can I stop getting charged the monthly fee and pause my device?

You can pause those SIMs from within the dashboard, but you will still get charged at the device plan's 'Active SIM' monthly fee for each SIM to maintain the option of reactivating them. After you've logged in, you should see the list of your devices. Click on the device you want to pause and you should see a "Pause Data" button on the next screen under the "Status Information" header. This stops the SIM from sending and receiving data, but it can be reactivated in the future.

{{#callout}} Monthly plans should be switched to Pay-as-you-go to incur the smallest possible monthly fee. {{/callout}}

Which cellular data plan should I choose?

Hologram offers cellular data pricing in both pay-as-you-go and monthly data plans. The table below based on your expected usage for each SIM per month can be a guide for choosing the optimal plan for your device's SIM.

Anticipated data usage per device Recommended plan
0-10 MB/month Pay-as-you go: Flexible rate that scales with your usage
> 10 MB/month Monthly Data Plans: Bulk data savings with affordable overage and capped data features

For more detailed pricing by zone, check our Pricing page.