Can I use my own SIM with the Dash hardware?

Our Hologram SIMs and Dash hardware are made for connection to our cellular network with zero configuration. While using another SIM is technically possible, you'd have to recompile system firmware to reset the APN. Also, you'd lose functionality such as our secure inbound communication feature, SpaceBridge, and OTA firmware updating.

Would I need to re-certify my device if I use the Dash in my connected product?

If you use the Dash in your end product, you won't need to undergo PTCRB testing but you will have to undergo FCC testing for unintentional radiators (every electronics product requires this). Every application is different so we recommend researching certifications with your test house. The benefit of the Dash's pre-certification in your device is that it can save time and cost of your own device's testing.

What certifications does the Dash currently have?

The Dash currently has passed FCC, CE, and IC testing. The product is in process with PTCRB, GCF, and carrier certifications as a cellular end device.

Can I use third party hardware to connect to the Hologram Cellular Network?

Yes, we have lots of customers on our Hologram Cloud using different hardware. Our Hologram platform is hardware agnostic. While we built the Hologram Dash to make it amazingly easy for you to get your project, up running and connected, you can still utilize your favorite kits to connect to our cellular network.

For more information see our Connectivity guide.