The Hologram Nova is a global, easy-to-use, and completely open source cellular USB modem available in global 2G/3G and LTE-M and NB-IoT models.

Along with the Nova USB modem, Hologram provides Global IoT SIM cards and Developer Tools to make it super simple for you to bring your cellular solution to life.

The Hologram Nova was originally designed to work with Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi, but it’s unique low-level compatibility allows it to operate with any USB host device that is able to communicate over a standard USB port.

User Manual

The Nova User Manual walks through getting started with the Nova hardware, our complementary Hologram Developer Tools, and all the components included in the Nova package.

This includes:

If there is information you need that you don’t see explained or linked to from the User Manual, please check out our Community Forum or contact our support team.

Ordering and Support

The Nova is available for purchase from the Hologram store or distributor partners such as Digikey. Bulk orders with volume pricing, or for only the Nova hardware without any of the accessories, can be made by contacting our sales team.