Hologram supports creating organizations so that multiple users can share access to the same devices and billing account. Users can be members of multiple organizations, and every device is owned either by an organization or directly by a user. This is similar to how organizations work on other collaborative platforms such as GitHub.

Creating an Organization

Click on the icon in the top right corner of the dashboard to expand the organizations dropdown:

Nova Block Diagram

This dropdown will list all organizations you have joined. To create a new organization, select Create Organization. This opens a form:

  • Organization name: Short name for the organization.
  • Migrate your existing account data: Selecting this option will transfer ownership of all your devices and apps to the new organization. If you need to transfer data in a more granular way, please contact Hologram Support.
  • Payment method: Choose either a payment method you've already set up for your personal account, or a new method. You may also set up payments later.

Inviting collaborators

After creating the organization, you may invite others to join. Enter the email addresses for people to add. If they do not already have a Hologram account, they will receive a link to create one.

Nova Block Diagram

Collaborators may be granted one of three access levels in an organization:

  • Editor: View devices and cloud messages, manage device settings that don't affect costs, manage app integrations
  • Manager: Same as Editor, plus managing device settings that could affect costs (e.g. activating devices and changing data plans)
  • Admin: Full access--same as Manager, plus the ability to change billing settings

The creator of the organization has a special Owner access level, which grants the same permissions as Admin.

Switching between organizations

The dashboard shows information related to a single context (an organization or your personal account) at a time. You can tell the active context by the icon in the top left of the dashboard, and the color of the left sidebar.

To change the context that you're viewing, click the top-right organizations icon. The dropdown displays the current context first, along with other organizations you are a member of currently.

Nova Block Diagram

Below that are links to switch context back to your personal account or to any other organizations that you are a member of.