If you are having problems with the Dash or connecting via cellular, this page lists some commonly encountered issues.

Dash Serial Connection Issues

  • Ensure correct port settings/device in your terminal emulator program
  • Ensure the Dash is running the latest firmware and the preloaded user program, available here
  • Linux users: If receiving permissions errors, ensure your user is a member of the dialout group, and restart your system before retrying. Alternately, run your terminal emulator with root permissions by using sudo.
  • Windows users: If receiving permissions errors, try running your terminal emulator (PuTTY, GTKTerm, etc) with Administrator privileges
  • When using a USB-to-TTL level converter: Try swapping the Tx and Rx lines between the converter and the Dash
  • When using a USB-to-TTL level converter: Make sure that you are using the Serial2 interface in your code and not Serial or SerialUSB.

Cellular Connectivity and Hologram Cloud Issues

  • Make sure you have activated your SIM on the Hologram Dashboard and that its corresponding device has a LIVE status.
  • You may need to reload the Logs page in the Dashboard in order to see new incoming messages.