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Hologram’s reliable cellular platform powers self-driving vehicles, autonomous robots, and drones around the globe. With carrier redundancy, Hologram ensures every byte is streamed perfectly and with limited latency.

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Hologram keeps drones and autonomous vehicles connected

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Carrier Redundancy

Don't tie your device to the reliability of a single cellular network. Hologram blends multiple carriers together on one plan and SIM card. Never lose data or have devices go dark again.

Flexible Data Plans

Only pay for the data you need, down to the byte. Plus, there's no fees or overage penalties. Our flexible data plans ensure you can send every gigabyte without breaking the bank.

Global Point of Presences

Hologram routes your data to the closest point of presence to reduce round trip latency. Rely on Hologram’s global network and IoT expertise to keep your devices reliably connected anywhere.

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A cellular platform as modern as you are

Hologram provides a cutting edge suite of tools to manage your IoT fleet. From proactive alerting to prevent unexpected data usage, to REST APIs to easily integrate with your internal tools and business intelligence dashboards.

Using Hologram’s Dashboard, your entire IoT team can collaborate using a single pane of glass and spend less time managing cellular connectivity.

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Keeping autonomous vehicles connected

Hologram powers the leaders in autonomous vehicle, robotics, and drone technology. With our reliable, multi-carrier network our clients stream terabytes of computer vision and LiDAR data — all in real time.

A new frontier of drone technology is landing soon. Read how cellular connectivity and Hologram are enabling the future of home delivery.

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Hologram’s suite of platforms and tools, designed for power and simplicity