Industrial IoT SOLUTIONS

Connecting industrial equipment to the future

Hologram's cellular platform enables industrial teams — from construction, to mining and beyond — to unlock the benefits of predictive maintenance and machine monitoring.

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Build once and deploy on any equipment, anywhere on Earth

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Global Coverage

Build once, and deploy in any market around the world. No matter where you go, we'll have coverage to help you grow. Hologram has reliable coverage (almost) everywhere on Earth.

Automatic Carrier Switching

Your Hologram SIM automatically connects to the best local carrier in every market, without steering or prioritization. You’ll always have the best network connection, wherever you deploy.

Lifecycle Automation

With Hologram Preflight, you can automate the SIM lifecycle. Enable free data for QA testing during device build. Then activate devices automatically upon arrival at your customer’s facility.

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The cellular platform for Industrial IoT

Enable predictive maintenance at scale with Hologram. With a single pane of glass, your team can automate your SIM lifecycle, get detailed analytics across your entire fleet.

With Hologram Inflight, our intelligent alerting tools require less time manually managing your IoT devices.

"Hologram makes for a much quicker and simpler implementation. We can build momentum and make sure that installation is painless. It just works.”

Justice Reed
Head of Hardware, Amper
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Case Studies

Hologram helps connect industrial equipment across six continents

Using cellular IoT to improve operational efficiencies

Amper’s cloud-connected devices make manufacturing more efficient — but getting industrial companies connected to the cloud has big barriers. Factories and old buildings either have highly restricted WiFi access or none at all. Traditional cell carriers would require managing multiple contracts for all the locations they work in and provide no back ups if coverage is spotty.

Hologram’s network connects devices to over 550 carriers with just one SIM card — providing global coverage, back-up carriers, and unparalleled support. Getting older industries to adopt new technology is easy with reliable plug-and-play connectivity.

photo of a autonmous welding robot

Hologram’s suite of platforms and tools, designed for power and simplicity