Enterprise IoT Ready

Custom coverage and data rates for your global deployment.

Deployment, coverage, and pricing built for enterprise.

Scale Your Deployments

Hologram is here to help you grow to millions of devices and terabytes of data around the world.

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Our specialists will craft a custom coverage portfolio for your fleet to meet reliability and commercial goals.

Tailored Pricing

We'll help you meet business goals by designing plans that fit your budget and data needs.

Scale and Grow
Expand your coverage and save
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Customized coverage and pricing

Access 470+ carriers throughout 200 countries for a single rate. No matter where your devices roam, they always get the best possible coverage.

Dedicated support team and account manager

Our team is standing by ready to help you deploy your cellular devices anywhere in the world.

Contact our sales team
Haley Doyle, Senior Account Executive
Haley Doyle
Sales Manager
Philip Gough, Senior Account Executive
Philip Gough
Senior Account Executive
Ryan Lee, Product Director
Ryan Lee
Product Director
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Before Activation

Automatic, no-touch SIM activation with Preflight

Preflight allows your SIMs to move through the supply chain easily by automatically activating to the right plan with no manual interaction, configuration, or activation.

Charts and screenshots from the Inflight alerting tool.

After Activation

Proactive alerting tools for your entire fleet with Hologram Inflight

Receive important insights about your devices right when you need them so you can focus on growing and scaling, not connectivity. Fleet-wide alerts give you the 10,000 foot view without the complicated spreadsheet. Take immediate action from the Dashboard or acknowledge the alerts to dismiss as needed.

Secure, inbound access to your devices, anywhere in the world, with Spacebridge

Getting inbound access to your devices on someone else’s network is hard. With a virtual private APN, Hologram creates a network for you on top of cellular infrastructure, so that you have full inbound access to your devices.

Remote Inbound Access

Open up communication into devices for configuration, troubleshooting, and content updates through SSH or TCP/UDP.

Cross-Carrier Compatibility

Use the same Spacebridge configuration anywhere on Hologram's global IoT Cellular Network.

Self-Service VPN Solution

Configure Spacebridge connections between your devices and enterprise applications via our desktop client or scripts.

Secure by Design

Our network was designed from the ground up to include important security measures such as automatic device firewalls and advanced session authentication.

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Transparent, flexible, and easy to understand plans for your devices.