Hologram IoT SIM Datasheet

SIM Datasheet

Hardware Features

Chip TypeIndustrial GradeStandard Grade
Chip CodesSCM392GS3FS9FG
Electrical Characteristics1.6V to 5.5V1.6V, 3V and 5V
Operational Temperature Characteristics-40o to 105°C-25o to 85°C
Memory Size available for program and data136K/256K340K/440K
NVRAM characteristicsIndustrial GradeStandard Grade
Endurance cycles (min) @ 25°Min. 200MM read/write cycleMin. 500K read/write cycle
Data retention (min) @ 25°25 Years25 Years
VibrationPasses JESD22-B103
Sector/Bank erase time1.5ms/3ms1.5ms/3ms
Page write/erase time1.5ms/0.4ms1.5ms/0.4ms

Software Features

PlatformIndustrial GradeStandard Grade
UICCRelease 8Release 8
Java Card2.2.1 or higher2.2.1 or higher
Global Platform2.
Supported ApplicationsIndustrial GradeStandard Grade
SIMRelease 4Release 4
USIMRelease 8Release 8
ISIMRelease 8Release 8
HPSIMRelease 8

SIM Card Physical Characteristics

Embedded Form Factor (MFF2)

Module Format2FF/3FF/4FF or MFF2 (QFN8) embedded.
Size (for MFF2)For MFF2: 6 x 5mm*, (height: 0.75-0.82mm)
StandardTS 102.671 - standardized format
FittingSoldered to circuit board
TransportationOn trays/reels/boxes

Technical Details (MFF2)

Embedded Dimensions

SIM Card Physical Characteristics

SIM Card Physical Characteristics

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