Security, Privacy, Compliance 

Securely connect your devices through Hologram’s cellular network

Access three layers of firewalls through cellular technology

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Gateway perimeter 

Protects devices from unwanted connections from internet

Customer isolation 

Protects devices against unintended inside threats

Device isolation

Protects against hackers leveraging IoT devices to communicate to other devices 

Trust Pillars

Transparency embodies everything we do, including protecting our customer’s data and devices.

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"Hologram is the perfect partner for an IoT project. They are very responsive, knowledgeable, and their advice saved us development time and dollars."

Clay Skelton


Proof of performance

We exceed industry best practices in network uptime and share data transparently with customers in a Proof of Performance report. 


Hologram constantly monitors network connectivity to detect outages.


Customers can sign up to receive outage alerts via SMS, Slack, phone, webhook & email on the dashboard.


Hologram Inflight

Inflight detects inconsistent data usage to monitor for device tampering.

Device management

Easily pause and deactivate devices that have been tampered with.

January 27, 2020
Notification about a SIM moving to a different deviceNotification about a device reaching a data limit
Notification about a device passing a data thresholdNotification about a fleet's usage spiking

Pat Wilbur, Hologram CTO and co founder

Forbes Technology Council Contributor
Security Expert quoted in The Wall Street Journal

Semi trucks on the road

"Every time I work with Hologram, they’re very clear about what’s happening. They understand how critical our operation is. They don’t hide information."

Gabriel Bernal
Head of Integrations, Cloudwalk


Service Level Agreements

Hologram stands by Service Level Agreements for network outages unlike competitors.

Change management

Hologram adheres to change management best practices of record keeping and approvals to prevent unauthorized changes from occurring.

Code deployment

As a software company, Hologram follows agile and continuous integration processes in code deployment. 

Customer support


Our team understands the end-to-end challenges of IoT products and is ready to help solve IoT connectivity as part of the solution.

Hologram Preflight

Support your launch deployment with automatic Preflight testing. Configure and activate devices at their destination

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Perfect cellular connectivity for your IoT deployment

Grab a free SIM card and free data plan to get started in your hardware.