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Outage proof cellular IoT connectivity

Experience global IoT connectivity you can count on with the world's first 99.95% contractually guaranteed uptime, optimal performance and intuitive tools that power your business.

Get ultimate confidence in your IoT coverage

Dual cores, zero downtime

End outages for good with Hologram’s Dual-Core Performance and Dual-Core Global SIMs – engineered with redundant backup connections so your IoT devices remain online. With our coverage guarantee, you're contractually protected for 99.95% of service outages.

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Comprehensive global coverage

Connect to 500+ carriers in over 200 countries, with consistent coverage that doesn’t rely on roaming networks alone.

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Built for performance

Access fast, native carrier connections in the US, Canada and Europe with Hologram’s Performance SIMs, designed for IoT businesses requiring low latency and high throughput.

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High-data solutions
Support from expert humans

Manage your fleet efficiently and troubleshoot problems quickly with our easy-to-use-dashboard and global team of experts and solutions engineers.

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Premium support

Leading IoT businesses choose Hologram

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Custom-fit connectivity, for every business

Hologram offers tailored solutions across industries, from patient monitoring to manufacturing and beyond.

The fleet management dashboard customers rave about

Get a single source of truth for your operations, with intuitive tools and advanced analytics to fuel your team.

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Real stories, real value

Saved by monitoring unused SIM cards
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Reduction in farming guesswork
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Intelligent Cargo Systems
Signal drops across country borders
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Our business can't afford downtime. With Hologram, latency is very low…We don't lose signal. It works.

Yonatan Horovitz
Co-founder & Chief Autonomy OfficeR

It felt like Hologram was the Stripe of SIM management.

Tanguy Goretti
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