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Hologram IoT webinars

Gain insight into the latest in IoT connectivity tips and trends from the experts at Hologram. Watch on-demand webinars in topics ranging from security to global deployments.

Communication channels to manage your IoT devices

Once an IoT device has been deployed, it’s important to be able to communicate with the device remotely. This could be to investigate connectivity issues, update firmware, or configure the device, among other tasks.

Learn about different types of device communication mechanisms.

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Native vs. roaming IoT cellular connectivity

Understand the evolution of IoT SIMs from UICC to eUICC and multi-IMSI, how to reduce risk amidst a rapidly changing landscape, and how to determine what solution is best for your product and your company.

Learn how to adapt to growing barriers in global connectivity.

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Looking ahead to 2023: Innovations in IoT

We explore what’s ahead for IoT connectivity in 2023.

Caspar Yen, Hologram VP of Product, and IoT for All’s Ryan Chacon, discuss key trends to keep an eye on in technology, use cases, market conditions, and more.

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Managing IoT security risks: How APNs and VPNs fit into IoT security

With the rise in connected products, device manufacturers need a balanced IoT security strategy.

Learn a practical framework for your IoT security needs; review responsible device management; and unpack how private and custom APNs and VPNs fit in.

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Taking your IoT deployments global

Explore the technical and business aspects of global IoT deployments your team needs to consider.

Learn about procurement best practices, regulatory requirements, hardware selection and testing, and questions you should ask.

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Beyond security challenges: Uncovering opportunities in IoT

IoT security can pose challenges — but it can also unlock opportunities.

Hear from Pat Wilbur, CTO of Hologram, on key security considerations for IoT teams. Plus, Cowboy shares how they’ve used connectivity to improve safety and security for their riders.

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IoT connectivity: One size doesn’t fit all

When building an IoT solution, connectivity is critical to a successful deployment and achieving ROI. Yet, connectivity needs aren’t the same for every application.

Learn how to optimize for your deployment.

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