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Connecting global supply chains

Hologram makes tracking assets simple. With our global, multi-carrier network, you can ensure end-to-end visibility. Eliminate the operational complexity of swapping SIM cards without giving up the flexibility to expand into new markets.

No matter where your supply chain starts and ends — we’ll keep it connected

Global coverage

Build once, and deploy in any market around the world. Hologram makes sure you have access to 470 carriers in 180+ countries.

Automatic carrier switching

Your Hologram SIM automatically connects to the best available network in every market, without steering or prioritization, so devices don’t get left in the dark.

Single SIM

Access our entire global network from a single SIM card. Streamline your supply chain by using the same SIM across your entire fleet, wherever devices may go.

Global cargo monitoring made incredibly easy

The Hologram Dashboard provides a real-time view of your most important device information. See device status, manage spend and easily track fleet performance.

Plus, with proactive alerts, you’ll save time by focusing only on devices that need your team’s attention.

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We used to discuss changing carriers quite a lot. When we made the decision to move all of our existing ships to Hologram, the discussion stopped. We don’t need to discuss it because it’s working as it’s supposed to.

Chris Jones
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We determined Hologram had the most coverage and location accuracy and were the global leader in terms of size and scale and would be able to support our vision.

Luke Wood
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Intelligent Cargo Systems: Transforming transport

Intelligent Cargo Systems created an AI-powered monitoring system for containerships that makes the loading and unloading process at ports more efficient and saves shipping companies thousands of dollars in the process. The problem? Traditional cellular plans are built for objects that stay in one place or only move short distances — the opposite of a ship.

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