Plans and pricing

Our flexible pricing is tailored around the unique needs of your devices.

Data usage rates

Data usage rates are optimized based on the number, location, and data usage of your devices.

Coverage details

Cost per MBStarting atAs low as *
US only$0.08$0.003
Canada only$0.08$0.004
Europe only$0.08$0.005
Australia only$0.15$0.09
Pricing by countryAvailable upon request

*If you have more than 500 devices or use more than 50MB of data per device, you may be eligible for lower rates. Contact sales to see if you qualify.

Explore our plans

Choose from three plans with the features, services, and support that best meet your needs.


Everything you need to easily connect and manage your devices.

Platform fee
The platform fee is billed per SIM every 30 days



Level up with flexible billing, advanced features, and hands-on support.

Platform fee
The platform fee is billed per SIM every 30 days

Contact sales


Access premium features, dedicated support, and network customization.

Platform fee
The platform fee is billed per SIM every 30 days

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Custom coverage

Tier-1 native carriers

Direct integration with premier carriers

Network fallback

Automatically connect to a backup set of networks if your preferred Tier 1 native carrier is unavailable.

Custom network exclusions

Disallow devices from connecting to specific carriers

Pricing upon request

Fleet management

Hologram Dashboard

Enjoy robust searching and filtering, SIM activity history, data usage reports and exports, and user management via the Hologram Dashboard

Bulk actions up to 10K SIMs

Activate, pause, resume, rename, or tag up to 10k SIMs at a time

SIM tagging

Assign labels to SIMs for easy organization and management

SIM activity history

Review changes made to SIMs across your team and by Hologram

Fleet status overview

Easily monitor connectivity across your fleet

Flexible billing

Pay up front for data

Prepay for data with a credit card

Pay by invoice

Eligible customers have the option to pay for data at the end of each month

Data usage limits

Set the amount of data each SIM can use before it’s paused


Pay only for the data you use – down to the byte

Monthly data plans

Pay for a set amount of data per device

Data pools

Share a set amount of data across multiple SIMs

Developer tools and security


Direct API access to automate or integrate Hologram with your own systems

Hologram private APN

Connect your device to the internet while securing it from unexpected inbound connections and other devices on the network

Pre-deployment testing

Access free test data to ensure devices work before deployment, with SIMs shipped directly to your manufacturing site

3 months, 100KB/device

12 months, 100KB/device

Secure device tunneling

Remotely communicate with devices over a secure connection that is managed by Hologram

Multi-factor authentication

Protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring two or more credentials to log in

Outbound SMS

Send a message from a device

$0.19/SMS (inbound free)

$0.19/SMS (inbound free)

$0.19/SMS (inbound free)


Contact channels

How you can reach our team to get support

Webform & email

Webform & email

Webform, email, phone, & video

Support hours

When our support team is available

M-F 8 am-6 pm CT

M-F 8 am-6 pm CT

24/7 for P1 & P2

Implementation & onboarding

Preparing you to connect and manage your devices with Hologram

Help center & community

Email & chat


Initial response times

The amount of time you can expect between request and reply

P1: < 2 business hours
P2: < 8 business hours
General: < 24 business hours

P1: < 1 business hour
P2: < 4 business hours
General: < 12 business hours

P1: < 30 minutes
P2: < 2 business hours
General: < 8 business hours

Help center

The place for documentation about how to use Hologram

Community forum

A place to connect with other Hologram users and share tips

Solutions engineering access

Work with an IoT expert to fine-tune your devices and connectivity

P1 & P2 issues

  • Email only
  • Solution engineer pool access

2 hours/month

  • Named solution engineer
Live troubleshooting via video

Access an IoT expert to identify and resolve device and connectivity issues

Available for an additional fee

2 hours/month

Named escalation path

Designated Hologram team members to contact for critical questions

Root cause analysis reports

A review of an event, why it happened, and recommendations for next steps

Real stories, real value

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Get connected, stay connected

Partner with a truly global IoT network of networks. With 470+ carriers in 200+ countries, you’ll have coverage where you need it most.

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It felt like Hologram was the Stripe of SIM management.

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