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Premium IoT support for uninterrupted connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, time is of the essence. Hologram's Premium Support is here to ensure your operations continue running without a hitch.
90% Customer Satisfaction
99% Customer Retention

Personalized problem solving, at your service

Rapid, reliable response

There’s no time for downtime. Hologram offers 24/7 customer support coverage – there when you need it to minimize disruptions.

Deep connectivity expertise

Get more than basic troubleshooting. Our expert support team has decades of connectivity experience, tapping into hardware, firmware, and device knowledge to deliver holistic answers.

Tailored to your business

With Premium Support, you’ll have access to a dedicated Solutions Engineer and 1:1 real-time communications channels.

Trust your connectivity with IoT's leading support service

24/7 response times with guaranteed SLAs and real-time communication channels, including Slack, email, and Zoom
A dedicated Solutions Engineer assigned to your business and live network troubleshooting to rapidly identify issues 
In-depth root cause analysis to prevent future issues and quarterly ticket reviews to optimize performance over time
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Support access by plan

Contact channels

How you can reach our team to get support

Webform & email

Webform & email

Webform, email, phone, video, Slack

Support hours

When our support team is available

M-F 8 am-6 pm CT

M-F 8 am-6 pm CT

24/7 for P1 & P2

Implementation & onboarding

Preparing you to connect and manage your devices with Hologram

Help center & community

Email & chat


Initial response times

The amount of time you can expect between request and reply

P1: < 4 business hours
P2: < 8 business hours
General: < 24 business hours

P1: < 2 business hours
P2: < 4 business hours
General: < 12 business hours

P1: < 1 business hour
P2: < 2 business hours
General: < 8 business hours

Help center

The place for documentation about how to use Hologram

Community forum

A place to connect with other Hologram users and share tips

Solutions engineering access

Work with an IoT expert to fine-tune your devices and connectivity

P1 & P2 issues

  • Email only
  • Solution engineer pool access

2 hours/month

  • Named solution engineer
Live troubleshooting via video

Access an IoT expert to identify and resolve device and connectivity issues

Available for an additional fee

2 hours/month

Named escalation path

Designated Hologram team members to contact for critical questions

Root cause analysis reports

A review of an event, why it happened, and recommendations for next steps

Inc. Best in Business, G2 Easiest to Do Business With, G2 High Performer, G2 Momentum Leader
Inc. Best in Business, G2 Easiest to Do Business With, G2 High Performer, G2 Momentum Leader

We're ready to work with you

Learn why customers love Hologram's Premium Support and find the best support plan for your business.