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Send gigabytes per device, quickly and reliably

Connect your innovative product with Hologram’s native, high-performance 5G and 4G LTE networks in the US and Canada.

High data IoT usage demands high performance

You did the hard work of building an innovative product. Now you need an innovative connectivity solution to match.

Low latency

Latency as low as 50ms for bidirectional video and real-time remote control.

High throughput

Natively boosted upload and download speeds for real-time media streaming (up to 4K).

Ultimate reliability

In case of outages, devices automatically connect to backup networks within minutes.

Premium 5G and 4G LTE networks

We offer a direct connection to Verizon in the US and TELUS in Canada, giving you unparalleled performance and reliability including future-proofed access to 5G networks. Ideal for demanding use cases like robotics, video, and computer vision.

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Fallback to a global backup network

Although rare, if your device or preferred network experiences disruption for any reason, our Hyper SIM card will automatically switch you to our global backup network so you can connect again within minutes.

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No single point of failure

Every Hyper profile uses separate networking infrastructure, including its own mobile core, delivering access to many carriers using fully independent connectivity paths.

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Bundled high usage data plan pricing

Choose a monthly device plan with an allotted number of gigabtyes for ultimate predictability and affordability.

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IoT cellular connectivity for the most innovative use cases

Service & Industrial Robotics

Robotics are disrupting how we deliver, how we farm, and how we build. Connect them reliably, anywhere.

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Image & Video

From computer vision to immersive streaming video experiences, transmit high bandwidth data from anywhere.

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Autonomous Vehicles & Drones

Power real-time sensing, command, and communication with the low latency you need.

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Hologram keeps us connected in those situations where there’s not a network we can use.

Garrett Relph
Project Manager
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We determined Hologram had the most coverage and location accuracy and were the global leader in terms of size and scale and would be able to support our vision.

Luke Wood
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Performance to power any IoT application with a global, smart SIM.

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