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Outage proof SIMs

Get the ultimate in reliability with Hologram’s Dual-Core Performance and Global SIMs, featuring two core mobile networks on each SIM. It’s the strongest outage protection in cellular history with a 99.95% uptime, contractually guaranteed.

Contractually guaranteed reliability, world class performance


Your connectivity safety net

Protect your business from downtime with Hologram’s Dual-Core SIMs – featuring two fully independent profiles, seamlessly switching you to a backup network in the event of an outage. 


Worldwide connectivity

Get access to 500+ carriers in 200+ countries, ensuring you’ve got consistent dependable coverage, no matter where in the world your devices connect. 


Unmatched reliability

We’re so confident in our coverage that in 99.95% of service disruptions, we cover the cost of lost connectivity. It’s all part of our commitment to your business.

Dual-Core Global SIM

This is our newest SIM, with carrier-level redundancy across the world. Access two global networks, with roaming coverage from 500+ carriers in 200+ countries.

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Hologram Dual-Core SIM and a cellular tower

Dual-Core Performance SIM

Connect to Tier-1 providers – Verizon in the US or TELUS in Canada – backed by a global roaming profile. With low latency and high throughput, these SIMs are designed for performance.

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Hologram Dual-Core Performance SIM

The Fallback difference

Our intelligent Fallback software automatically switches to an alternative network if the primary one fails. This seamless transition guarantees that your devices remain online, significantly minimizing downtime.

Hologram Dual-Core Performance SIM

Knowing we can connect to the best network regardless of where our patients are located means we can confidently provide the tools needed for medical professionals to provide better care.

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We used to discuss changing carriers quite a lot. When we made the decision to move all of our existing ships to Hologram, the discussion stopped. We don’t need to discuss it because it’s working as it’s supposed to.

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