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Two cores are better than one

When you need the ultimate in uptime, our Dual-Core SIMs deliver guaranteed connectivity. With mobile cores on each SIM, our Dual-Core SIMs fallback to a 2nd backup core if the primary core fails. That’s the strongest outage protection in cellular history with a 99.95% uptime, contractually guaranteed.

Guaranteed connectivity is just the beginning

Speed your time to market

Reduce end-to-end testing by 90% with our Preflight to increase your product yield. Seamlessly associate SIMs with your Dashboard for fast activation. Leverage our Solution Engineers to architect your ideal solution.

Get business insights

Intuitive Hologram Dashboard lets you see your entire connected world, all at once. Efficiently manage your fleet of devices, quickly troubleshoot problems, and have real-time awareness of your usage.

Increase your profits

Delight your customers, increase their trust, and protect your reputation with our guaranteed connectivity. Manage and reduce your costs with data limits, usage alerts, custom device plans, fleet allocations, and more.

Roaming vs. fallback

It’s easy to confuse roaming connectivity with fallback. With all Hologram SIMs, your devices can roam 200+ networks that cover the globe to deliver the strongest signal. That roaming relies on the primary core being available. If that goes down, there’s no core connectivity and no roaming. With Dual-Core fallback, we seamlessly switch your devices to the backup core for guaranteed connectivity so that your devices work flawlessly. Put simply, we take away the worry and make sure that it just works.

An autonomous device connects to a backup profile

The ultimate peace of mind

Our Dual-Core SIMs deliver unprecedented reliability. Now you can stop worrying about devastating outages and lost revenue. Hologram delivers outage protection backed by a contractual guarantee that you can’t find anywhere else in the industry.

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Hologram Dual-Core Performance SIM

Customize your core

Dual-Core SIMs also deliver the ultimate in flexibility. With two available core slots, you can pick the coverage that works best for your business.

Dual-Core Performance SIMs

Want to use native carriers in the US (Verizon) and Canada (TELUS)? Our Dual-Core Performance SIMs provide device connectivity using the designated primary core and roaming profiles. If that primary core fails, connectivity will default to one of our global cores for connectivity and roaming.

Dual-Core Global SIMs

Carrier-agnostic? Our Dual-Core Global SIMs deliver connectivity anywhere in the world, including the US and Canada. When the first core is up, the device can use the primary core or roaming profiles. If that primary core fails, the connectivity seamlessly transitions to the second global core to ensure connectivity and roaming.
A cell tower and a Hologram Dual-Core SIM

Ideal for low latency and high throughput use cases

Transaction processing

If your revenue is relying on your POS systems, Dual-Core SIMs deliver the guaranteed connectivity needed for frictionless, fast, and reliable shopping experiences.

Video monitoring and streaming

From security cameras and alarm systems to live sports streaming, Dual-Core SIMs ensure the reliability you need to gain customer trust in your service.

Data monitoring

When data from your devices is absolutely critical, like remote patient monitoring, our Dual-Core SIMs provide the highest level of availability in the market.

Knowing we can connect to the best network regardless of where our patients are located means we can confidently provide the tools needed for medical professionals to provide better care.

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We used to discuss changing carriers quite a lot. When we made the decision to move all of our existing ships to Hologram, the discussion stopped. We don’t need to discuss it because it’s working as it’s supposed to.

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