Greetings!We thought you would like to know of an exciting new cloud integration that we now support in the Konekt Cloud.

Introducing our new AT&T M2X Integration

AT&T M2X is a platform to log and stream device data to third parties. Developers can stream device data from the Konekt Network to AT&T M2X platform in just a couple of clicks!

2016 AT&T Hackathon Report

The 2016 AT&T Hackathon and Developer Summit was a great time, with a huge turnout of IoT enthusiasts hacking away at varous IoT projects. Hackathon participants had the opportunity to work toward a Konekt-sponsored prize, as well as to preview early access to our AT&T M2X integration on the Konekt Cloud for a chance to compete for the big prize!We were excited to meet IoT enthusiasts and members of the community, and especially excited to receive real-time feedback on developer experience. (It was even fun racing against the clock alongside some teams, providing "house call" support at their tables!) We even crushed a couple bugs in our AT&T M2X integration at the Hackathon, having our own mini "hackathon" over at the Konekt table.


We've already incorporated the feedback we received and improved things like our Arduino IDE integration to provide a more seamless installation and development experience.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates are possible (even from within the Arduino IDE!) and we're putting some finishing touches on advanced modes of operation for the Konekt Dash and Konekt Dash Pro firmware and user programs.  Stay tuned for some additional exciting updates!

Don't forget to visit the Konekt Dash Documentation page for the latest tutorials and downloads!

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