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Connecting devices on the move

Hologram provides the multi-carrier network that fleets in motion demand. Assure network redundancy, perform over-the-air updates, and maintain full visibility into device activity with our connectivity platform.

Count on Hologram’s seamless connectivity

Get connected and stay connected

Unlock the network redundancy of 470+ carriers across the globe. Plus, SIMs automatically connect to the best available network.

Future-proof devices with a single SIM

Tailoring coverage and adding new carriers is seamless with over-the-air updates — no need to swap SIMs.

Monitor and optimize your fleet

Track activity, receive alerts, take bulk actions, and more from Hologram’s easy-to-use Dashboard and API.

Ensure a smooth deployment

Hologram Preflight provides free test data, so you can QA devices. Set SIMs to hibernate in the Dashboard until you’re ready to deploy — and save.

Once devices are active, get proactive alerts in the Dashboard and API.  Save time by focusing only on devices that need attention.

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Whether the customer is in Fiji or India, we can ship them a device, they power it up and it’s online. . .I’d recommend Hologram both for their platform and their people.

Adam Brunini-Ricketts
Head of Product
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Coverage is great. Billing is great. Hologram ticks all the boxes.

Lisa Seach
Fleet Scheduling Manager
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thl: Transforming RV rentals through reliable connectivity

thl needed to streamline the complex logistics of vehicles constantly in motion. They knew by installing cellular connected devices in their RV rental fleet, they could improve asset tracking and, in turn, customer safety — but they needed to ensure a connection wherever an RV might roam.

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