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Connecting the future of commuting

Hologram is the IoT connectivity partner trusted by the leading innovators in micromobility and shared transportation.

Powering fleets on the go across the globe

Reliable global coverage

Our multi-carrier network and automatic carrier switching ensures fleets get connected and stay connected.

Tools to optimize costs

Track fleet performance at a glance, receive alerts, and manage spend with the Hologram Dashboard and REST API.

SIMs designed for scale

Build once and deploy anywhere with our Hyper SIM. Extend the lifespan of your fleet with over-the-air coverage updates — no need for hardware swaps.

A suite of tools designed for real-time visibility

With the Hologram Dashboard, you’ll save time by only focusing on devices that require your team’s attention.

Easily detect unauthorized behavior at a glance, like changes in hardware or unusual data use, and take corrective action immediately.

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Decrease time to new markets

We know how to partner with teams to keep connectivity simple. While you focus on innovating and expanding into new markets, we’ll handle all carrier relationships, help you optimize spend, and more.

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Cowboy: Building the next generation of bikes

Cowboy created a sleekly designed electric bike to improve urban mobility. Each bike is paired with a smartphone app to enable GPS tracking and remote locking. But to power their mobility solution, Cowboy needed a team to move at its same fast pace, and a partner able to work in all of their markets around the globe.

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