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High performance for autonomous IoT devices

Your autonomous product is disrupting the industry. Now, connect anywhere in the world without disrupting its performance. With carrier redundancy and the best 5G and 4G LTE networks, Hologram provides low latency, high throughput, and reliable cellular connections for the most innovative connected IoT devices.

Connectivity built for high data IoT usage

Global coverage

With Hologram, you can deploy one eUICC SIM card for your entire fleet — no matter where in the world you are deploying. Get reliable coverage across 470+ carriers in over 200 countries.

Low latency, high throughput

Latency as low as 50ms for bidirectional video and real-time remote control. Natively boosted upload and download speeds for real-time media streaming (up to 4K).

Ultimate reliability

Hyper SIMs are smart enough to detect when an outage event has occurred and to switch to an alternative network or profile to get back online in minutes.

Premium 5G and 4G LTE networks

We offer a direct connection to Verizon in the US and TELUS in Canada, giving you unparalleled performance and reliability, including future-proofed access to 5G networks. This is ideal for demanding use cases such as robotics, video, and computer vision.

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Fallback to a global backup network

Although rare, if your device or preferred network experiences disruption for any reason, our Hyper SIM card will automatically switch you to our global backup network so you can reconnect within minutes.

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Test your devices before deployment

Hologram Preflight provides free test data so that you can QA your devices at the point of manufacture. Once you've completed testing, set your SIMs to hibernate until your device is in the field. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your fleet will connect on Day 1 without any added costs.

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Extend your team with expert support

Focus on innovating, not troubleshooting complex connectivity. Our Solutions Engineering team have deep cellular and IoT industry experience, and our support team offers an unparalleled onboarding experience. With 24/7 support, quick response times, and 90% average customer satisfaction scores, you and your devices won’t be left in the dark.

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A platform designed to streamline operations

Hologram provides a cutting-edge suite of tools to manage your IoT fleet. These tools include proactive alerting to prevent unexpected data usage, as well as REST APIs that allow for easy integration with your internal tools and dashboards.

Using Hologram’s Dashboard, your entire IoT team can collaborate in one place and spend less time managing cellular connectivity.

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Powering innovation in autonomous vehicles and more

Explore how Hologram helps innovators build the future with reliable IoT connectivity — from new companies in need of a plug-and-play solution to scaling businesses that demand global coverage.

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