How the Hologram Dashboard can help you run your business

Cellular connectivity management and so much more.
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Eli Rosen
July 1, 2024
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The Hologram Dashboard is a complete cellular connectivity management tool that provides you with actionable, real-time information about your devices. It gives you a single source of truth for your operations – any size fleet, anywhere in the world, anytime. With that much data all in one place, the Hologram Dashboard delivers value across your business.

Quickly building new products and services

It’s easy to deploy one or one hundred thousand devices with our seamless activation. Just a few clicks and your devices are live. You can streamline the process even more with pre-deployment testing using Hologram Preflight to test devices and automatically activate upon deployment.

Visibility into global SIM activity

The Hologram Dashboard gives you real-time access to data that gives you insight into your operations. With the dashboard, you can quickly look across thousands of devices on different networks and different countries, or drill down to see every detail about a SIM, all in one view. That’s how you ensure that your devices are up and your customers are getting the service they expect. Plus, a complete reports suite delivers details into your SIMs and SIM usage with the real-time Data Usage Overview Report and reports aggregated By SIM, By SIM and Day, and By Session.


When something goes wrong, troubleshooting connectivity can be complex. We’ve designed the Hologram Dashboard to help you quickly search and filter SIM behaviors, like devices using high data or with device configuration issues. When there’s an issue with a device, your developers and technical teams can use our Spacebridge tunneling. This provides a secure device connection into the operating system of the device to troubleshoot. You can use the dashboard and reports to proactively identify issues, like zero byte sessions that may indicate a device is experiencing connectivity issues.

Customer support

For many customers, Hologram’s cellular IoT connectivity is an essential part of their service to their customers. Customer service managers keep our dashboard open right next to their own support tool. They can quickly see the state of the device, data usage, and more. They can also group devices based on meaningful attributes, such as region or customer, to proactively monitor connectivity usage patterns.

Performance optimization

Our Dual-Core SIMs automatically fallback to a second mobile core for guaranteed availability. Use the Hologram Dashboard to view the device profile history and see any fallback event. Plus, your dashboard puts the power in your hands to control which core your device is using and to fall back for global connectivity as needed. Now you can control exactly how your SIMs behave and see detailed information on how your SIMs connectivity has changed, all in one view.

Dual-Core SIM management in the Hologram Dashboard

Managing costs

Reviewing and adjusting device usage is an important part of running your business. Do you have the right size fleet? Is the pricing accurate? Are there unexpected costs? With the Hologram Dashboard you can quickly get high level reports or download spreadsheets for deeper analysis. You can pause device usage and set data limits at the SIM level. For example, some connected devices like smart meters and other diagnostic devices have low data usage. It’s highly suspect if one of those devices starts using large amounts of data. By setting data limits, you can control runaway costs.

Integration with other business applications

Hologram works with your existing tools and workflow. Easily and securely plug your data into your existing applications via our REST API, the same API that powers the Hologram Dashboard.

Hologram can help you optimize your business operations for your organization

We’ve focused on how the Hologram Dashboard delivers cellular connectivity management and so much more. Count on Hologram for:

  • The highest levels of reliability. The new Hologram Dual-Core SIMs feature two fully independent mobile cores on each SIM that seamlessly switch to a backup core in the event of an outage.
  • Guaranteed uptime commitment. Hologram includes uptime guarantees in our contracts and 24/7 support to resolve any issues quickly.
  • Exceptional performance: Hologram’s low latency and high throughput solution can handle the volumes of data produced by these mission-critical use cases.
  • Global coverage. Hologram seamlessly connects to networks across the world to ensure your user experience is consistent.
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