About Hologram

Hologram connects
electric bikes in Brussels

Hologram is powering electric bikes for Cowboy, a Belgian startup that is disrupting the urban commute across Europe.

Hologram connects
coffee growers in Brazil

Arable Labs provides connected devices powered by Hologram to small and large agribusinesses all over the world.

Hologram connects
scooters in Singapore

Hologram's network provides connectivity for innovative micromobility vehicles from Singapore to Berlin and beyond.

Hologram connects
anti-poaching teams in Latin America

Paso Pacifico is tracking decoy turtle eggs on the black market using Hologram's network to crack down on poaching.

Hologram connects
avocados in Australia

Escavox is tracking the lifecycle of food from farm to retail throughout Australia to predict supply and freshness.

Hologram connects the
future of retail in Tokyo

Rigado is building the next generation of retail experiences, powered by Hologram SIMs and our multi-carrier network.

Hologram connects
self-driving cars in Pittsburgh

Powering millions of safer miles driven by keeping self-driving cars connected and streaming data wherever they go.

Hologram is building the best cellular network, wherever you are on Earth

Hologram is a cellular platform designed for the Internet of Things. Thousands of connectivity teams rely on Hologram to keep their fleets connected around the world — from Burbank to Brisbane.

We were founded in 2014 by Benjamin Forgan and Patrick Wilbur. Inspired by the connectivity challenges affecting food delivery startups in Singapore, our co-founders focused their efforts on removing the red tape preventing fast-growing IoT teams from launching cellular equipped fleets around the world.

What started as a Kickstarter, under our old name, Konekt, has blossomed into the de facto networks IoT teams use to launch their products.

In the years since Hologram was founded, we've been a partner to leading technology pioneers around the world. We've made it possible for the rapid growth of micromobility vehicles like e-scooters. We've kept self-driving cars connected and on the road. We've helped drones deliver medicine to remote communities and kept vital health devices online across six continents.

The future will have billions of more devices connected to the internet. Here at Hologram, we're focused on being the operating system for global connectivity.

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What if your network
didn’t see borders?

Hologram covers the globe in reliable connectivity, so your device is free to roam the planet without losing signal.

Icon of cell tower

What if there were no
dead zones?

Hologram combines the signal from multiple carriers — making sure your devices are never out of touch.

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What if it just worked
from the start?

No matter what device you bring, where you go, or what cellular technology you use, Hologram just works.

What if your carrier cared about your whole team?

From your first prototype to your millionth device, we're not just your carrier — we’re your partner.

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What about 5G?

Hologram's network is always evolving and when 5G is ready, your Hologram SIM will get you connected.

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What's next?

Help us build the future of connectivity and we’ll find out together. Learn more about careers at Hologram.

Our Leadership Team

Ben Forgan
cofounder & CEO
Ben Forgan, Founder & CEO
Pat Wilbur
Cofounder & CTO
Pat Wilbur, Co-Founder & CTO
Clara Kridler
Chief People Officer
Clara Kridler, Chief People Officer
Annie Rosen
Annie Rosen, CFO
Mike Georgoff
Flavia Logsdon, Chief of Staff
Flavia Logsdon
Chief of Staff
Flavia Logsdon, Chief of Staff
Rich Knapp
VP Partnerships
Rich Knapp, VP Partnerships
Katrina Lindholm
SVP Design
Rich Knapp, VP Partnerships
Courtney Seiter
VP People
Courtney Seiter, Head of People
Caspar Yen
VP Product
Caspar Yen, VP Product

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Hologram is trusted by thousands of businesses across six continents to keep their devices connected.

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