Announcing multi-factor authentication for IoT and global dash cellular board

Already standard for much of the internet, existing multi-factor authentication methods protect user accounts from unauthorized access.
Ryan Lee
January 8, 2018
Photo of Hologram SIM

Today we're proud to make two major release announcements: Multi-Factor Authentication and the next iteration of the Hologram Global Dash. Multi-Factor Authentication for Connected Devices Already standard for much of the internet, existing multi-factor authentication methods protect user accounts from unauthorized access. They typically require something you know, such as a username/password, in addition to something you have, such as a phone to receive a one-time passcode sent via SMS. We’re bringing that same strong security standard to IoT devices.Multi-factor authentication adds a much-needed layer of security to IoT devices. Right now, IoT security lags behind broader internet security standards resulting in massive botnets and frequent, large-scale hacks of consumer devices. Bringing multi-factor authentication to IoT solves many of the security and trust issues that plague connected products today.Available via Hologram SIMs, multi-factor authentication enables key rotation, signing, and message authentication codes, such as Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP), to verify an IoT device's identity and to secure its communications.Use cases for Hologram Multi-Factor Authentication include:

  • Securely communicate with IoT devices and IoT gateways
  • Create trust at the time of IoT device manufacturing
  • Re-establish trust after a security incident - which reduces the need to recall IoT devices

Hologram’s multi-factor authentication is available in private beta. To get started, contact our sales team to request more information. The New Global Hologram Dash. The Dash is a turnkey cellular IoT platform that reduces the time from prototype to scale. The new Hologram Dash delivers three key improvements:

  • Adds a uBlox SARA-U201, a global band 3G/2G modem that in combination with our SIM can be deployed almost anywhere on the planet
  • Re-design of the power architecture for intelligent battery charging and deep sleep operations for 10x longer battery life on a 2000mAh battery
  • Gains open source hardware certification. This re-affirms our commitment to enable our users to quickly move from prototyping to scale without worrying about vendor lock-in

Developing for cellular IoT requires an end-to-end understanding of hardware, firmware, cellular connectivity, and software to develop a full solution for tapping into IoT's potential. Rather than develop in locked ecosystems or piecing together disparate vendors for pieced together solutions, developers can build on the Dash, an open-source cellular connectivity board for microcontroller-based IoT products. First released in 2014, the latest Dash hardware includes a global connectivity module onboard that enables development and deployments anywhere on Hologram's global network of over 180 countries.With Hologram's new global Dash hardware platform, new and existing developers on Hologram's platform have access to built-in global connectivity, networking and messaging firmware, developer APIs, and open-source designs to rapidly develop and scale cellular IoT products.Hologram’s Dash v1.2 is available now in the Hologram Store. To purchase, visit

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