Announcing the next generation of Hyper SIM with network fallback

The next generation of Hyper SIM supports sophisticated new IoT applications with premium performance and intelligent backup connectivity on one SIM.
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Ben Forgan
February 21, 2023
An illustration of the Hologram Hyper SIM

When we first launched the Hyper SIM in 2020, our goal was to create a radically improved SIM card for IoT that was powerful, flexible, and easy for IoT creators to deploy and manage. We envisioned a world in which innovators could use IoT connectivity to improve the world around them – from the crops they grow to the healthcare that they provide.

Today, we’re excited to announce the next generation of Hyper SIM – designed for a new wave of emerging IoT applications that are more sophisticated than ever, but are challenged by a rapidly fragmenting global connectivity landscape.

For the better part of a decade, cellular IoT devices have connected to the Internet with the help of global roaming agreements – the same ones that keep your phone connected when you travel abroad. Cellular roaming has worked well for IoT because it enables global connectivity on a single SIM card that just works, regardless of where it’s deployed.

But what has worked well for the last decade will not work going forward. Over the last several years, the industry has faced increasing commercial and regulatory restrictions that are eroding the reach and simplicity of these roaming networks, and degrading or eliminating connectivity for millions of connected devices around the world.

While the broader global connectivity landscape fragments, IoT devices have never been more sophisticated. The appetite for broadly available connectivity that supports high-performance, high-bandwidth applications has never been higher. Applications like high resolution video streaming, industrial robotics, and autonomous drones are tackling challenges that require high performance connections that exceed the physical limitations of globally distributed, roaming-first connections.

The “one size fits all” approach to IoT connectivity that worked for the better part of the last decade is no longer enough. To help innovators overcome these challenges, we redesigned Hyper SIM from the ground up with the future in mind.

The latest generation of Hyper SIM is our most exciting yet – a brand new connectivity solution for IoT that combines premium network performance with globally available network fallback on a single eUICC SIM that’s smart enough to manage itself.

Next generation features

Hyper SIM was designed to deliver a no-compromises connectivity experience for the most demanding use cases in IoT. It delivers this by combining three important capabilities into a single eUICC-capable SIM card:

Premium network performance

For IoT applications that stream video or rely on real-time data transmission, network performance can’t be an afterthought. Hologram delivers unparalleled performance by connecting your devices natively to premier, Tier-1 operators to deliver low latency (<100ms) and robust throughput (>20mbps) that is 25-75% faster than roaming connections. Available at launch for devices in the United States and Canada, Hologram is constantly expanding its native connectivity footprint to deliver the most performant global connectivity network in the world.

Globally available backup connectivity

In addition to native performance profiles, every Hyper SIM also includes a global connectivity profile that keeps your device connected via 470 carriers in more than 190 countries. This makes deploying devices worldwide simple and easy – Hyper will use localized connectivity if it’s available, and a universal global profile if it’s not. For devices that are deployed worldwide, frequently travel across borders, or are transmitting mission-critical data, Hyper SIM is second to none.

Automatic network fallback

Although it’s true that all eUICC SIMs can store multiple connectivity profiles, most require an Internet connection to switch between them and require your connectivity vendor to set up and run manual campaigns to make the switch. Hyper SIM is different – every SIM comes with a headless intelligence layer that’s smart enough to automatically detect network outages and switch between profiles to reestablish connectivity in minutes, not hours or days.

On their own, each of these capabilities solve the growing challenges of deploying and connectivity IoT devices in an increasingly fragmented world. When combined together, they make Hyper the most powerful, performant, and flexible IoT SIM card and connectivity platform available today.

Next-generation Hyper SIM is here and ready to ship!

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