Celebrating Pride 2020

To celebrate Pride this year, we’re highlighting amazing members of the LGBTQ+ community who are impacting IoT, telecommunications, and technology
Quintin Carlson
June 26, 2020
Profile photos of LGBTQ+ community members we are highlighting for Pride 2020

Hologram is proud to be part of the digital celebration of Pride this year!

We're taking this time to highlight the amazing members of the LGBTQ+ community who are part of the IoT, telecommunications, and technology industries.

As an out gay man, I always look forward to Pride month. This year, I'm excited to use the Hologram platform to highlight the incredible work done by members of the queer community. Hologram Operator editor Tricia Booker has profiled members of the queer community, including engineers, entrepreneurs, and founders who are tackling problems from equity and access to inclusion and trust around the world.

Meet Allison Clift-Jennings

Allison (http://www.hologram.io/blog/pride-spotlight-see-how-allison-clift-jennings-is-reinventing-how-music-gets-made) founded Filament — an Industrial IoT startup aimed at helping enterprise companies adopt blockchain technology. Now she’s turned — or rather tuned — her attention to her work at Tonic Audio Labs (https://tonicaudiolabs.com), building technology that empowers songwriters to take more of their song ideas across the finish line.

Read about Allison Clift-Jennings → (http://www.hologram.io/blog/pride-spotlight-see-how-allison-clift-jennings-is-reinventing-how-music-gets-made)

Meet Ashleigh Wilson

Ashleigh (https://www.hologram.io/blog/pride-spotlight-see-how-ashleigh-wilson-changed-directions-from-corporate-climbing-to-lifting-people-up) founded AuditMate (https://auditmate.com/) — a platform designed to help commercial building owners advocate for themselves and simplify the complexity of elevator regulation. She's leading the charge in changing the way this legacy industry operates and treats people inside and outside their organizations.

Read about Ashleigh Wilson → (https://www.hologram.io/blog/pride-spotlight-see-how-ashleigh-wilson-changed-directions-from-corporate-climbing-to-lifting-people-up)

Meet Johann Moonesinghe

Johann (https://www.hologram.io/blog/pride-spotlight-see-how-johann-moonesinghe-uses-a-love-for-food-tech-to-invest-in-new-culinary-ventures) is the founder of inKind (https://inkind.com/). He's using technology to think beyond the credit score to invest in nontraditional culinary startups. He's leading a rethink of how restaurant financing works and helping underwrite award-winning eateries that would have never attained funding through traditional channels.

Read about Johann Moonesinghe → (https://www.hologram.io/blog/pride-spotlight-see-how-johann-moonesinghe-uses-a-love-for-food-tech-to-invest-in-new-culinary-ventures)

Meet Brandy Jackson

Brandy (https://www.hologram.io/blog/pride-spotlight-see-how-brandy-jackson-helps-underserved-paitenets-get-access-to-great-healthcare) is a Navy veteran and engineering manager at CareMessage (https://www.caremessage.org/). She's building a platform that helps underserved communities across the United States access vital health care service. Using servant leadership, she models a diverse culture that ensures employees can bring their whole selves to work each day.

Read about Brandy Jackson → (https://www.hologram.io/blog/pride-spotlight-see-how-brandy-jackson-helps-underserved-paitenets-get-access-to-great-healthcare)

Meet Eugene Nadyrshin

Eugene (https://www.hologram.io/blog/pride-spotlight-see-how-eugene-nadyrshin-is-designing-the-next-generation-of-ppe) is a startup advisor for Y-Combinator's Startup School and founder of ReMaskD (https://remaskd.com/). He's worked in a diverse set of fields, including IoT — building an air quality network across Europe. At ReMaskD, Eugene uses AI to construct custom-fitting personal protective equipment that limits the headaches and facial bruising medical professionals have endured. Eugene is also a member of StartOut (https://startout.org/), helping increase the number of LGBTQ+ startup founders.

Read about Eugene Nadyrshin → (https://www.hologram.io/blog/pride-spotlight-see-how-eugene-nadyrshin-is-designing-the-next-generation-of-ppe)

I'm incredibly proud of this fantastic, fabulous, and diverse LGBTQ+ community, and so grateful to be a part of it. I'm also grateful for the ongoing support and encouragement we've received both as a community and as individuals. Together, we are changing the way the world works.

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