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Increased demand for IoT connectivity is no surprise. But here's how Hologram is partnering with innovative companies to solve societal issues.
Lynette Grinter
October 6, 2020
A scooter and e-bike are parked on a city sidewalk

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Covid-19 has forced businesses, including our own, to change the way they conduct day-to-day tasks, effectively manage their teams, and adjust to the needs of their consumers. As a company, we understand these issues and we are here to provide thoughtful solutions with our IoT connectivity platform.

At Hologram, we understand that our clients need to listen and adapt to their clientele’s needs just like we do ours. We’re thrilled to partner with these forward-thinking businesses who trust and depend on our global cellular network.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw several industries skyrocket in their demand for our cellular IoT,” said Ben Forgan, our CEO and cofounder. “Specifically, micromobility, contact tracing, tracking and social distancing solutions all used IoT as part of their solution, and in turn we grew exponentially.”

The following are examples of increased demand for IoT connectivity:

  • As many cities started to reopen, consumers looked to other transportation options such as scooters and e-bikes to avoid public transportation. Hologram connects the devices to the internet to monitor and track the usage, including Belgian ebike startup Cowboy.
  • Other Hologram clients have launched new products as a result of Covid that we’re supporting getting live quickly. Covid response solutions such as contact tracing and social distancing apps are being created. Eyrus, a construction and industrial workforce visibility platform and contact tracing solution, has teamed up with Hologram as their SIM provider for their IoT hardware that monitors and alerts workers when they are in close proximity of one another at the workplace.
  • Kepler Analytics, based in Australia, has recently launched their Covid-19 toolkit in the US, which allows service capacity-social distancing monitoring, a reopening dashboard and a rental calculator to retail stores. This means they’ll be able to monitor traffic in stores to ensure social distancing and analyze traffic patterns to adjust accordingly. Each of these have prototypes they test with Hologram to ensure a successful global launch.
  • Visybl, a social distancing app, expanded to offer a new office and construction tracking solution to its clients. For Visybl’s construction customers, they chose cellular connectivity with Hologram because most construction sites do not have Wi-Fi.
Paso Pacifico uses Hologram to fight poaching of sea turtle eggs.
Paso Pacifico uses Hologram to fight poaching of sea turtle eggs.
  • When Paso Pacifico identified poachers were stealing sea turtle eggs, they turned to Hologram to connect sensors embedded in lookalike turtle eggs. This enabled them to identify locations of the black market, and they built educational programs about the vital role turtles play in the ecosystem in those locations.
  • Lastly, remote patient monitoring solutions enable connectivity for patients to be automatically monitored at home. Hologram’s cellular network for Global Kinetics monitors tremors for Parkinson disease patients to help doctors with a data driven approach to prescribe medication.

At Hologram, we love to help and watch our clients grow into their next tier of success. Wondering if our platform is right for your business? We have an answer to your questions. Take a look at our FAQ page and connect with us today.

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