Innovators of Things: Cellular IoT brings peace of mind when transporting high-value assets

By leveraging cellular connectivity, Intelyt creates custom asset tracking solutions, beyond location.
Innovators of Things
Lisa Kornblatt
December 6, 2022
Innovators of Things: Intelyt

Transporting high-value assets can be stressful. In addition to knowing the location of an asset, it can also be critical to ensure the temperature and humidity levels stay within certain ranges, among other specific requirements. That’s where Intelyt comes in: building custom asset tracking solutions for high value assets, powered by cellular connectivity.

Intelyt delivers customized, intelligent supply chain visibility for high tech manufacturers, data centers, medical device companies, and biotech companies. Starting with cellular IoT connectivity, Intelyt can track and collect data from their customers' assets throughout the supply chain. They also use cellular connectivity to quickly send data from their gateways to their backhauls.

Visibility from start to finish

Beyond knowing the location of an asset, Intelyt provides a wealth of data to its customers including potential shock to an asset, extreme temperatures, excess humidity, and more. This way, the customer always knows where along the supply chain something went wrong and who was responsible.

Taking it one step further, knowing any issues along the way can save time and money. For example, if an asset that initially planned to be installed upon arrival had an issue, they could plan for the right team to handle the next step. That might mean there are additional parts needed or an engineer needs to be there to fix the problem instead of the installation team. Without these insights, teams wouldn’t know the issues until they arrived on site, and likely not be able to complete what’s needed.

Hologram as a key partner for Intelyt

When Intelyt was searching for cellular connectivity, they needed a partner who offered a wide range of reliable coverage as well as easy to use tools.

“Hologram made it easy to get started and offered the breadth of global coverage we needed,” noted Michael Manning, VP, Platform Services at Intelyt. “Hologram has become one of our most critical vendors, helping us collect key data and insights through cellular connectivity. And with the Hologram API, we can consolidate that data into one centralized data store.”

Cellular connectivity gives Intelyt the ability to create custom tracking solutions for high-value assets, saving their customers both time and money.

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