Innovators of Things Podcast: Beyond the Blueprint with Dennis McCain + Jillian Kaplan

We’re excited to introduce our new Innovators of Things podcast, your new go-to series for insights from the leaders shaping the future of connected devices.
Hologram Team
May 3, 2024
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We’re excited to introduce our brand-new Innovators of Things podcast, your new go-to series for insights from the leaders shaping the future of connected devices, powered by Hologram.

Today, our host Jillian Kaplan, IoT leader at Dell, and creative thought-leader on technology and innovation, sits down with Dennis McCain, IoT leader at AT&T and author of Implementing Cellular IoT Solutions for Digital Transformation. You’ll hear insights on the nuances of IoT innovation and how simple ideas can lead to significant technological change.

Listen to the inaugural podcast here.

Here’s just a couple of the takeaways you’ll hear:

  • Why incremental innovation matters: Innovation doesn’t always have to be groundbreaking. "It doesn't have to be a dramatic sort of quantum leap in technology,” says McCain. “I see it as more incremental.” He showcases how foundational changes like the progression from 3G to 5G have evolved the cellular IoT industry. Incremental changes, he says, can lead to revolutionary changes in how we live and work.
  • How businesses use IoT for growth: McCain discusses how IoT isn’t just for connectivity – it can be used to drive significant business process enhancements. "It's still at the early stages. It’s evolving into newer and newer business models. Companies are using IoT to transform their company in many different ways," he notes.
  • Why embracing change is part of the job: McCain offers practical advice for IoT newcomers, underscoring the importance of flexibility and adaptability. "The technology enabling IoT solutions is just at its beginning stages," he says. "It’s critical to prepare for rapid technological advances.”

Tune in to the full episode of the Innovators of Things podcast to hear more perspectives on the evolution of IoT, practical advice for implementing technology solutions, and McCain’s vision for the future of digital connectivity.

We’ll be posting new episodes of Innovators of Things regularly, so subscribe on the podcast page for updates delivered straight to your inbox.

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