Introducing the Innovators of Things

A collection of stories and learnings from the innovators in IoT
Innovators of Things
Lisa Kornblatt
October 4, 2022
Innovators of Things

Our mission at Hologram is to empower innovators to build the future. By removing hurdles from connecting and managing IoT devices, we believe that anyone can easily turn their big idea into the next breakthrough invention. We’ve seen IoT improve agriculture, enable improved healthcare outcomes, reduce carbon emissions to better our planet, and the list goes on.

Now, we’re excited to share these stories with all of you.

Empowering innovators to build the future

Connectivity is a critical component for so many new innovations, but it’s what the connectivity enables that continues to impress us. In our new Innovators of Things series (yes, we are having a bit of fun with the IoT acronym), we’ll look at how people are leveraging connected devices to make a difference in their industry or society at large.

Spanning across healthcare, agriculture, asset tracking, micromobility, and more, IoT now touches almost every aspect of our lives. We’re excited to shine a spotlight on innovations and the people striving to improve our world through IoT. Stay tuned for stories and features here on our blog!

Are you an Innovator of Things?

Are you an IoT innovator? We’d love to hear from you, too! Get in touch at the link below to be considered.

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