Dash v1.1 Dash Pro Cellular Connectivity

There are a lot of exciting changes happening here at Hologram which we'll share more about in the coming weeks. Today we're excited to announce some changes to our product line.

Say "hello" to DASH v1.1

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In order to deliver the best Internet of Things hardware for building your connected products, we decided to change manufacturers earlier this year. We took this opportunity to update our Hologram Dash and are currently shipping the new units today. We're excited about the improvements we've made based on your feedback. Some key things we think you'll enjoy about the updated hardware:

  • Improved Power Management - Much better battery management for longer lasting Hologram Dash based products
  • Bigger User Buttons - Easier access for hitting that PGM button to upload your latest program
  • Single Jumper - No more flipping your Dash back and forth to double-check your jumper settings. There's now just one on top of the board
  • Deep blue color replaces the standard white
  • Along with many other small changes which will improve manufacturing

These updated Hologram Dash v1.1 units are currently shipping for the Americas version, Europe/Asia will be shipping mid September. We're eager to see what you'll build with them.

Say farewell to DASH PRO

When we first launched our Kickstarter, we released three versions of our cellular hardware: Two Dashes, one for US and one Intl, and a Dash Pro with quad-band modem. As we expand and look ahead to the future of connected products and IOT we've decided to phase out the Dash Pro and instead integrate a quad-band modem directly into our next generation boards. The Dash Pro will continue to be supported into 2017.The whole team is stoked for what's to come and we thank you for making it possible. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out through our community forums or ping us on the website live chat.


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