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Ryan Lee
January 29, 2020
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Proactive IoT connectivity monitoring, alerts, and collaboration features

The work only begins after organizations launch their IoT product. Among all the activities they need to operate a fleet of IoT devices, managing an organization's connectivity can become an overlooked responsibility without clear ownership. And as we discussed this week, Hologram's mission is to help all members of the fastest-growing IoT teams better manage and understand their cellular IoT connectivity.

Last year we released Hologram Preflight and our new Dashboard to improve the cellular IoT supply chain deployment cycle and support the team members who manage it — from product and engineering through to finance.

Today, we're excited to announce the next step forward with Hologram Inflight: Hologram's IoT connectivity monitoring, alerting, and collaboration features to simplify the active management of device fleets.

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Let Hologram Inflight be the new IoT connectivity expert on your team

IoT teams already have to manage their internal product data coming back from the field to run their IoT business. However, experience with IoT connectivity within the organization can often be lacking, and teams may lack the resources to analyze yet another stream of data. Even though all the data can be made available through connectivity dashboards and reports, the analysis is often confusing, difficult to find, and coming in too late to spot problems before they become significant issues. Our experience onboarding new organizations and helping launch deployments all over the globe has helped us identify critical ways to help.

Over the past six months, Hologram Design flew thousands of miles across five continents to conduct research with our customers.

From this, we're thrilled to introduce Hologram Inflight; a sea-change in the way that IoT teams think about their fleet. With Hologram surfacing exceptions in real-time, teams can focus on building their product and growing their business. – Quintin Carlson, VP of Design

Hologram Inflight Past 7 Days Overview
“We're thrilled to introduce Hologram Inflight; a sea-change in the way that IoT teams think about their fleet.”

How Hologram Inflight helps teams better manage their fleet

Hologram Inflight offers constant monitoring of your fleet for insights into your fleet's connectivity health. Receive an alert instantly when a device has potentially been tampered with or when your device fleet usage rises above normal levels. Then review your organization's Action Items to evaluate and manage the incidents immediately through the Hologram Dashboard. Inflight will expand how Hologram's Dashboard can be an extension of your operations and success teams to provide meaningful insights that streamline your internal processes and customer experience.

Action Items

A new Hologram Dashboard view for escalated alerts and notifications about your organization's IoT fleet. Take immediate action from the dashboard or acknowledge the alerts to dismiss as needed.

Hologram Inflight Action Items

Alerts & Monitoring

Automated detection of SIMs moving between devices, data usage alerts, and fleet-wide usage trends. Hologram Inflight proactively monitors your fleet for insights you should know about.

Hologram Inflight SIM Management


Listen for alerts directly to your organization's Slack channel or through our Hologram API for the same data feeds you can manage through the Hologram Dashboard

Hologram Inflight Slack Integration

A Hologram Inflight case study to detect device loss and reduce connectivity overages

For our customers in the global micromobility space whose bikes, scooters, and cars are parked conveniently for immediate booking and transportation, device tampering and loss are operational struggles that impact fleet lifecycles and overhead. From a cellular IoT perspective, unauthorized persons can break into hardware and transfer internal SIM cards to new devices and rack up unnecessary data charges. Before, organizations would need to develop their own additional analytics and monitoring to detect for these SIM swaps and then build processes to manage and review the changes in behavior. In some cases, organizations repurpose SIMs in new hardware as part of device maintenance cycles or new device prototyping.

Woman using cellphone on rental fleet

With Hologram Inflight, an alert is automatically created in an organization's Action Items panel to review when Hologram detects that a SIM has moved to a new device type. Inflight alerts remove any requirement for an additional analysis step when data usage prevention may already be too late. From there, the Action Items alert contains contextual information in-line such as device type, location, and recent usage for your team's review. With information at their fingertips, the operations team quickly determines if the next best action is to pause the device or acknowledge and move onto more important tasks in running your IoT business.

Starting today, organizations can request early access to our new Inflight features. We're excited to help your team better manage your IoT connectivity so you can grow with Hologram.

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