Hologram Dash

Today, we are excited to unveil two new upgrades to the Hologram shopping experience: A new store and product detail pages!

Redesigned Hologram Store

pretty screenshot one

This new layout provides multiple benefits:

  • Larger photos better illustrate the products available
  • Clearer “Add to Cart” buttons for a smoother checkout experience
  • Links to additional details and specifications for all our hardware

Product Detail Pages

pretty screenshot two

These new product detail screens, which are linked to directly from the store listings, are designed to answer your questions so you can confidently choose Hologram hardware for your products.Some of the new details for you include a list of the technical specifications of our hardware, as well as pricing for volume or bulk purchases. For example, you can quickly learn about the Hologram Dash's weight and dimensions to better ensure it's a fit for your needs, and how much it might cost for an order of 100 units.We've designed this new store to help you get your IoT projects launched with the easiest and informed process possible.

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