Working at Hologram: our values

Hologram is united around three core values: ownership, transparency, and mindfulness.
Erin Philpot
December 7, 2021
Hologram Senior Product Designer Sean Nelson and Sales Manager Allison Blade collaborate over an iPad in the Hologram office.

Hologram has three core values that guide our work: ownership, transparency, and mindfulness.

We think they make Hologram a better place to work — an organization where employees are empowered with the information, agency, and structure they need to do their very best work.

Here's a brief overview of all three values and how we use them in everyday decision-making and communication.


At Hologram, all employees hold equity in the company and are considered part owners.

This was a principled policy decision from Day 1, and we believe it just makes sense. When you have ownership in your work, you bring more creativity to solving problems and setting yourself up for success.

At Hologram, employees put more thought and energy into their work because they benefit from the company’s success.

All teammates also have the freedom to make company-wide changes and improvements — and are encouraged to use it. After all, no one else has more context about your role than you do!

When you have ownership in a company, you have a say.


Keeping teammates in the dark about their business doesn't make sense to us — that's why we embrace the value of transparency at Hologram.

As a result, there’s no wondering whether someone doing the same job as you makes more money — with Hologram’s policy of salary transparency, the information is readily available. (It's all on a big spreadsheet any teammate can look at, anytime.)

Hologram’s vision, metrics and master plans are open to all so that everyone knows what they’re working on, and why. With transparent finances, employees know when Hologram is doing well and when the company hits a snag.

Such openness helps everyone collaborate on what’s best for both the company and its customers.

When people can envision the end goal of a project, they understand the process needed to get there — and Hologram trusts its talented workforce to get the job done without micromanaging.


Our final value of mindfulness makes Hologram a pretty special place to work.

Mindfulness means our team approaches each task with an open mind, seeking diverse perspectives and staying open to being proven wrong.

During a discussion or debate, we ask each teammate to examine differing opinions and perspectives instead of clinging to or defending a position. When someone else’s idea makes more sense than yours, that's cool — we work with really smart people and we're all solving problems together!

Backing away from an idea can be just as important a contribution as coming up with one. At Hologram, all viewpoints are considered. We even have a cool system for voting before making final decisions.

Want to join us?

At Hologram, our values are an important part of our work. They've helped us develop a smart and creative team with a vested interest in the company's success.

If this sounds interesting to you, let's talk! Our team is growing rapidly, and each new teammate has the opportunity to expand and evolve our values and culture.

Check out the open roles on our Careers page, and let’s get connected soon.

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