Connecting every gigabyte

Hologram provides a cost-effective, redundant cellular service to connect gateways, critical communications, and other devices streaming gigabytes of data.

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Connect every device, no matter how much they transmit

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Carrier Redundancy

Don't tie your device to the reliability of a single cellular network. Hologram blends multiple carriers together on one plan and SIM card. Never lose devices or critical data in dead zones again.

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Flexible Pricing

Only pay for the data you need, down to the byte. Plus, there's no fees or overage penalties. Easily pause and hibernate devices to reduce costs while devices are unused.

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Commercial Alignment

With Hologram, our custom high volume plans ensure that we can align the right coverage for your need. Ensuring the best experience and reduce your in-the-field broadcast costs.

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A single pane of glass to monitor every device

With Hologram’s collaborative dashboard, your entire team can monitor usage, billing, and device performance from a central location.

With Hologram Inflight, you’re proactively alerted whenever a device needs your attention. Giving you a seamless way to track the health of your IoT fleet at a glance.

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Stay online, streaming data in every condition

Hologram’s platform ensure your devices with multiple cellular carriers ensuring redundant coverage. Keeping you online even during moments of congestion.

Whether your keeping critical communications online, streaming data through a gateway to multiple devices, or transferring gigabytes of data, Hologram is there to help you stay connected.

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Hologram’s suite of platforms and tools, designed for power and simplicity