Connecting commuters globally

Hologram keeps the leading micromobility and shared mobility platforms connected around the globe. Keep your fleet connected using a single SIM that blends multiple networks to ensure reliability in every market worldwide.

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Keeping vehicles rolling in every corner of the globe

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Global Coverage

Build once. Deploy (almost) everywhere. Hologram has reliable coverage across the planet, making it easy to grow into new markets.

Multi-Carrier Platform

Hologram allows you to access multiple carriers in every country with your Hologram SIM card. Wherever your vehicles go, you'll have reliable connectivity to keep your customers moving.

API Driven Platform

As your IoT deployment grows, use Hologram’s modern REST API to automatically manage your fleet from your own internal tooling. Integrate reporting into your own business intelligence with ease.

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A suite of tools designed specifically for mobility

Hologram Inflight brings proactive monitoring to your global fleet. This allows your IoT team to focus on devices that require attention instead of monitoring millions of individual devices.

The easy detection of unauthorized behavior, like changes in hardware or unusual data use, means you can take corrective action immediately.

“It felt like Hologram was the Stripe of the SIM management”

Tanguy Goretti
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Integrate directly with your supply chain

Use Hologram Preflight to integrate seamlessly with your contract manufacturer. Test and QA with live cellular data during manufacturing overseas or at origin warehouses.

Then automate SIM activation and device configuration when your fleet is ready to roll.

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Decrease time to new markets

Hologram can help you prototype and test cellular connectivity, and then scale up as fast as you need.

With Hologram’s global reach, you can launch in new markets without the overhead of new carrier negotiations and contracts. Keep your same data plan wherever you go.

Case Studies

Hologram powers the fastest growing mobility teams on earth

Launching the future of commuting

Cowboy is building highly sophisticated electric bikes to improve urban mobility in cities around the globe. With a focus on technology, each bike is paired with a smartphone app to enable GPS tracking and remote locking. Cowboy needed a team to move at its same fast pace, and a partner able to work in all of their markets around the globe.

Cowboy chose Hologram as the single SIM platform for its eBikes. With a modern and easy to use REST API, Cowboy easily integrated directly with Hologram's platform. Backed by global coverage, Cowboy knows customers will always be able to connect to their vehicles, no matter where they pedal off to.

two people riding a Cowboy bike together

Hologram’s suite of platforms and tools, designed for power and simplicity