IoT Solutions for POINT OF SALE

Connecting every swipe

Hologram cellular platform provides reliable coverage for point of sale terminals around the world. With a hardware agnostic, plug-and-play experience — payment terminals are ready to process transactions in minutes.

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Enable fast, reliable credit card payment with Hologram

Plug-n-Play Experience

Our robust coverage ensures your device will work right out of the box with zero end-user setup or configuration. Avoid flaky Wi-FI networks and unnecessary downtime.

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Carrier Redundancy

Don't tie your device to the reliability of a single cellular network. Hologram blends multiple carriers together on one plan and SIM card. Never lose a sale due to coverage issues.


As your IoT deployment grows, Hologram’s modern REST API will automatically manage your fleet from your own internal tooling. Integrate reporting into your own business intelligence with ease.

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A cellular platform as modern as you are

Hologram provides a cutting edge suite of tools to manage your IoT fleet. From proactive alerting to prevent unexpected data usage, to REST APIs to easily integrate with your internal tools and business intelligence dashboards.

Using Hologram’s Dashboard, your entire IoT team can collaborate using a single pane of glass and spend less time managing cellular connectivity.

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Helping customers pay the way they want to

With Hologram’s reliable multi-carrier cellular platform, businesses can process credit card transactions from anywhere without fear of dead zones or connection issues.

Provide your customers with a zero-configuration setup that doesn’t rely on flaky, insecure WiFi networks. Hologram has coverage in hundreds of countries around the globe, so you can scale globally using the same platform, SIM card, and data plans wherever you roam.

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Hologram’s suite of platforms and tools, designed for power and simplicity