Connecting live broadcasts

Hologram provides a reliable and reundant cellular platform that helps production teams go live in time for the 5pm news. Stream high quality, live video from the field with ease and without costly satelite infrastructure.

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Hologram keeps video streams on air from anywhere

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Carrier Redundancy

Don't tie your device to the reliability of a single cellular network. Hologram blends multiple carriers together on one plan and SIM card. Never lose signal due to dead zones or congestion again.

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Commercial Alignment

With Hologram, our custom high volume plans ensure that we can align the right coverage for your need. Ensuring the best experience and reduce your in-the-field broadcast costs.

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Global Point of Presence

Hologram routes your data to the closest point of presence to reduce round trip latency. Rely on Hologram’s global network and expertise to keep your devices reliably connected anywhere.

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A robust platform to stream video over cellular

Your entire team can work together to manage streaming devices from a single pane of glass. Monitor usage and financial costs across 550 local carriers in one place.

Don’t rely on expensive satellite or flaky WiFi networks. Choose Hologram for reliable cost-effective connectivity.

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Stream every frame

Hologram blends coverage from multiple local carriers, to ensure you never see dead zones or data loss due to network congestion.

Stream video from hundreds of countries around the  globe with cost-effective, flexible pricing.

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Hologram’s suite of platforms and tools, designed for power and simplicity