Flexible IoT Data

Only pay for what you use. No matter where you go.

Flexible Data

Per MB
Chat with us about larger deployments.
1 Device

One global rate that scales with you

Per Active Device

One monthly price connects devices across 200 countries and 470+ carriers.

Elsewhere you might see this called a MRC, Line Fee, or Device Access Fee.

$1.50 /month

$1.50 /month


We don’t charge to activate, deactivate, or change data plans.


Flexible Data

No limitations. Your device automatically connects to the best performing network available.

Pay the same data rate in every country, including Canada.

$0.40 /MB

$0.40 /MB

Flexible Pools

Share a pool of data across all devices, globally. Devices draw from pools before using Flexible Data.

Pool Size

Subscription Price

Effective Rate / MB

100 MB
$30 /mo
250 MB
$62.50 /mo
500 MB
$100 /mo
1 GB
$175 /mo
2 GB
$300 /mo
5 GB
$700 /mo

Flexible Data Pools are not eligible plans for Scaling Volume Discounts.
Data does not roll over and resets on the first day of each month.

Outbound SMS

All SMS messages sent to the device (inbound) are free.

In some countries, data may be restricted above 200MB per device. Contact sales for unrestricted data plans.

$0.19 /msg

Only twelve-year-olds need a monthly allowance.

Pay only for the data you use

If you use 14MB in a month, you only pay for 14MB. Stop getting charged for data you don’t use.

No surprise overage costs

Your IoT fleet could do without those surprise overage costs, so we got rid of them entirely.

470+ carriers, 1 simple rate

Pay just one rate for worldwide coverage with no limitations — even in Canada.

Automatic savings and discounts as you add more devices.

We’re here to help you scale from 100 to 100,000 and beyond. As you add more devices, your rates drop — automatically. No need to negotiate with carriers to get the best rate.

Start with flexible data
1 Device
Per MB
100 Devices
Per MB
500 Devices
Per MB
1,000 Devices
Per MB
5,000 Devices
Per MB

Hologram powers the fastest growing IoT teams.


Don’t overpay with device quotas and semi-pooled plans. Only pay for the data you use each month.

Hologram empowers the fastest growing micromobility teams to deploy devices globally and stay in the black with consistent pricing in every country.

Each vehicle can access multiple networks in each country and avoid dead zones by automatically switching between carriers.

As devices are rebalanced around the world, there is no downtime and no swapping required.


Keep devices connected in both rural and urban areas, and in every environment in between. Plus, only pay while assets are moving.

With redundant coverage in every country, Hologram keeps you in the know, no matter where your assets roam.

Avoid costly minimums and only pay for the data you use while devices are transmitting. Never waste another megabyte again.


Connect devices in the field with one-click configuration. Access your equipment from anywhere with SSH.

Keep highly-optimized devices in the field or in your assembly line connected at a lower cost than WiFi.

Access multiple carriers across 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and even the latest technologies like CAT-M1 and NB-IoT.

Easily and securely SSH into devices using Hologram Spacebridge. Save countless hours and avoid on-site visits when diagnosing hardware issues.

"Our partnership with Hologram has shaped our entire business model."

Jess Bollinger
VP of Strategic Partnerships

Start with a free Pilot SIM and get your devices online in under a week.

Test-drive Hologram with a free global IoT SIM and get connected in no time without negotiations, contracts, or headaches.

Start with flexible data

Need something with higher data volume? Let’s turn this up to 11.

High Volume Data

Perfect for autonomous vehicles, computer vision products, and other streaming data applications.

Learn about high volume data