Hologram IoT Dashboard

A dashboard your whole team will want to use

No other IoT dashboard lets teams work in real-time, saving you valuable time and money so you can get back to the stuff that matters (and off that fleet management grind).

Inspecting data limit alerts in the new Hologram Inflight feature
Managing devices in the Hologram Dashboard
Reviewing a specific device in the fleet
Granular data usage inspection
Billing account balance, auto refill, and payments

Hologram Inflight

Real-time visibility into fleet health, data limits, and device usage.

Device Management

Master your fleet with tagging, search, and powerful bulk actions

Single DEvice View

Quickly review data usage and change data plans for a single device

Granular Data Inspection

Detailed usage reporting down to the device, time, and byte.

Transparent Billing

Full transparency into your account balance and full billing history

Introducing Hologram Inflight

Proactive alerting tools for your entire fleet

Action Items

Escalated alerts and notifications

Receive important insights about your devices right when you need them so you can focus on growing and scaling, not connectivity. Take immediate action from the Dashboard or acknowledge the alerts to dismiss as needed.

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January 27, 2020
Notification about a SIM moving to a different deviceNotification about a device reaching a data limit
Notification about a device passing a data thresholdNotification about a fleet's usage spiking
Just Now
Notification about a fleet's overall usage health

Fleetwide Alerts

Track the health of your fleet at a glance

Your fleet is greater than the sum of its devices, so it's important to keep the big picture in mind. Fleet-wide alerts give you the 10,000-foot view without the complicated spreadsheet.

Immediate Insights

Metrics specifically tuned for the event you’re investigating

Instantly investigate a device’s usage history, last known location, hardware details, and more without leaving the screen and breaking your flow.

Hologram screenshot — inflight charts

Data usage increased after a SIM was moved to a consumer smartphone, indicating fraud.

Hologram screenshot — inflight
Hologram screenshot — inflight charts

We’re notified that one of our devices reached its data limit and was automatically paused.

Hologram screenshot — inflight
Hologram screenshot — inflight charts

This Action Item drew our attention to a device that passed a custom usage threshold.

Be quick on your fleet. Get early access to Inflight.

  • Action Items
  • Automatic fleet-wide alerting
  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Beautiful new Dashboard UI
  • Alerts & Monitoring
  • SIMs moving between devices
  • Data limits being reached
  • Usage threshold alerting
  • Fleet-wide data spikes
  • Subscribe
  • Email notifications
  • Slack integration Soon
  • Hologram API
  • For Your Team
  • Device historySoon
  • Custom automationSoon
  • Team delegation Soon

Hologram Design flew thousands of miles across five continents to conduct research with our customers and idenfitied critical ways we can help. By surfacing exceptions in real-time, teams can focus on building their product and growing their business instead of spending time analyzing yet another stream of data.

Introducing Hologram Hyper

Hyper – Hologram’s new eUICC SIMs and platform – are available now.

One IoT dashboard for all your team’s needs

We’re not just your carrier, we’re your copilot. With the Hologram Dashboard and Inflight, everyone in your team can be an IoT expert and get the insights they need.

Screenshot of the Hologram Dashboard — single device page
Stacked blocks icon

Device Management

See where every device stands

Organize your fleet of devices with custom names, tags, global search, and filters. Gain valuable insights like the location of the last connected cell tower through device detail pages.

Loved by Customer Success

Control where, when, and how

Activate, pause, unpause, and change plans at any time. You have complete flexibility and control over each device and data plan.

Loved by Engineering
EKG-style icon

Monitoring & Analytics

Grasp the big picture

Visualize every aspect of how your team is using the Hologram network. Charts show connection history and usage across both your entire organization and individual devices.

Loved by Customer Success

Dive into details and diagnostics

Use Inspect to investigate and pinpoint misbehaving devices. Dig into session logs to get granular information for data transfers on a device-by-device basis.

Loved by Finance
Screenshot of the Hologram Dashboard— usage history

“Hologram is the perfect partner for an IoT project.”

Clay Skelton, President of ORIGO
Clay Skelton
President, ORIGO

“It felt like Hologram was the Stripe of SIM management.”

Tanguy Goretti, Co-founder and CTO of Cowboy Bikes
Tanguy Goretti
Co-founder & CTO, Cowboy Bikes
Hologram screenshot — device management
Cardboard box icon

Ready for your supply chain

QA and test before you activate

Ensure devices are QA'd and ready to launch on a live network prior to leaving your origin warehouse or manufacturer with Test Mode.

Loved by Product

Automate with Preflight

Manage unactivated SIMs during manfuacturing and testing. Automate activation and device configuration when you’re ready to deploy. Available with Hologram Enterprise Edition.

Loved by Operations
Line chart icon

Complete Transparency

Simple, honest pricing

Pick the data plan that works best for you at the moment. If the situation changes, so can your plan — right from the Dashboard. See how the plans are billed upfront with no hidden fees.

Loved by Finance

Share access with the right people

Bring together operations, finance, and engineering into a single, easy-to-use IoT Dashboard. Set permissions for each team member so you feel confident device settings stay secure.

Loved by Operations
Hologram screenshot — billing history

"Hologram’s Preflight capability simplified the deployment process for both our team and customers."

Adam Brunini-Ricketts, Head of Product at Fleetsu
Adam Brunini-Ricketts
Head of Product, Fleetsu

"Our partnership with Hologram has shaped our entire business model."

Jess Bollinger, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Arable
Jess Bollinger
VP Strategic Partnerships, Arable

Hologram’s suite of platforms and tools, designed for power and simplicity