Get connected and stay connected

Trust your IoT fleet with our dependable cellular network, featuring automatic, agnostic carrier switching.

Partner with a truly global IoT network of networks

You expect your devices to connect right out of the box. With Hologram’s multi-carrier, global network, you can trust that they will.

With 470+ networks, if there’s ever a weak signal — or even a downed tower — you’ll never notice, because our SIMs will automatically connect to the next best available network to help keep your device online.

The Hologram network difference

Hassle-free carrier switching

It’s really true: one device with a Hologram SIM connected to 22 carriers in 30 days, touching towers in China, Singapore, Italy, and France — and everywhere in between.

470+ networks — one global rate

Say goodbye to multiple carrier contract negotiating — and only pay one global rate.

Seamless connectivity, everywhere

Crowded urban centers. Rural farmland. Distant ports. As your device passes from one carrier landscape to the next, Hologram keeps the data flowing.

The best connectivity experience — that’s also future-proofed

Not only is carrier switching hands off and hassle free — so is updating devices in the field. With our Hyper SIM, you’ll never have to recall your fleet to add new carriers.

If Hologram says you can connect, you will. That’s very valuable to a business like ours.”

Walter Jove
Head of Latin American Partnerships, Arable

The Hologram solution solves all our problems with connectivity. We are very thankful that Hologram exists. It has given us a way to scale.”

Ananda Verma
Cofounder, Fasal

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