Hologram Preflight

Test your IoT devices before they ship — and save

Hologram Preflight provides free test data, so you can ensure a smooth deployment and minimize costs.

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Test without added costs

Preflight provides free test data, so you can QA at the point of manufacture, and know exactly when your devices are ready to go.

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Set to hibernate and save

Only pay for data once your device is active. Once you’ve completed testing, set your SIMs to hibernate until your device is in the field.

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Deploy at your own pace

With unlimited testing time, you won’t be charged until you are ready to launch. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind that your fleet works on Day 1.

Preflight savings in motion

A leading micromobility company saves over $100,000 per month by using Preflight to test their next deployment.

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Before Deployment

Preflight automatically associates your SIMs with your account and displays them right in the Dashboard — no need to scan barcodes or type in the ICCID.

After deployment

With SIMs in Preflight, you’ll know exactly where your devices are aftershipping. Plus, different Preflight modes allow you to activate devices automatically on first use or keep them in hibernation mode until you’re ready.

UI of Preflight's configuration

"Preflight is key to how we do business. When we do rollouts on this grand scale, that’s a tool we use constantly."

James Muraca
VP of Product, Zen Ecosystems
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Trust your devices will connect before you deploy

See how Hologram Preflight ensures seamless deployment
and minimizes costs for Growth and Enterprise customers.